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Ten Great Romance Novellas to Get You Started
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Annual Reading Tallies & Author Commentary 2012 – 2017
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My AUTOBUY List (Links Will Take You to a Summary of the Author’s Catalogue)
Tessa Dare (on probation right now actually)
Laura Florand Though she stopped publishing.
Talia Hibbert
Lisa Kleypas   The Queen for a very long time. Her back catalog is very deep and strong.
Julie Anne Long  Historicals only
Courtney Milan  The. Very. Best.
Lucy Parker Delightful. witty contemporaries
Sally Thorne Because her debut was just that good!

Albert, Annabeth Waiting for Clark (Bryce/Clark)
Albert, Annabeth Save the Date (Randall/Hunter)
Alexander, R.G. Ravenous novella (Declan/Trick/Jennifer)
Alexander, Victoria Love with the Proper Husband (Marcus/Gwen)
Alexander, Victoria Lady Amelia’s Secret Lover novella (Robert/Amelia)
Alexander, Victoria The Prince’s Bride (Rand/Jocelyn)
Alexander, Victoria The Importance of Being Wicked (Winfield/Miranda)
Alexander, Victoria Lord Stillwell’s Excellent Engagements novella (Winfield/ Felicia&Lucy&Caroline)
Alvarez, Tracey In Too Deep (West/Piper)
Andre, Bella The Way You Look Tonight (Rafe/Brooke)
Ann, Jewel E. When Life Happened (Gus/Parker)
Ashe, Katharine In the Arms of a Marquess (Ben)
Ashley, Jennifer The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie (Ian, not surprisingly/Beth) – GENRE OUTLINE
Ashley, Jennifer Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage (Mac/Isabella)
Ashley, Jennifer Many Sins of Lord Cameron (Cameron/Ainsley) – GUILTY PLEASURE
Ashley, Jennifer The Duke’s Perfect Wife (Hart/Eleanor)
Ashley, Jennifer Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect Gift (Ian, Mac, Cam, Hart)
Ashley, Jennifer The Seduction of Elliott McBride (Elliott/Juliana)
Ashley, Jennifer The Untamed Mackenzie novella (Lloyd/Louisa)
Ashley, Jennifer The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie (Daniel/Violet)
Ashley, Jennifer Scandal and the Duchess novella (Steven/Rose)
Ashley, Jennifer Rules for a Proper Governess (Sinclair/Roberta “Bertie”)
Ashley, Jennifer A Mackenzie Clan Gathering (Ian/Beth)
Ashley, Jennifer Bodyguard (Shifters Unbound) novella (Ronan/Elizabeth)
Baker, Jo Longbourn (James/Sarah)
Balogh, Mary A Handful of Gold (Julian/Verity) – ROMANCE REVIEW TEMPLATE
Balogh, Mary Slightly Scandalous (Joshua/Freya)
Balogh, Mary Slightly Dangerous (Wulfric, no, seriously, WULFRIC/Christine) CLASSIC
Balogh, Mary Simply Perfect (Joseph/Claudia)
Balogh, Mary Simply Love (Sydnam/Anne)
Balogh, Mary Irresistible (Nathaniel/Sophia)
Balogh, Mary The Proposal – Survivors’ Club (Hugo/Gwen)
Balogh, Mary The Arrangement – Survivors’ Club (Vincent/Sophia)
Balogh, Mary The Escape – Survivors’ Club (Benedict/Samantha)
Balogh, Mary Only Enchanting – Survivors’ Club (Flavian/Agnes)
Balogh, Mary Only a Promise – Survivors’ Club (Ralph/Chloe)
Balogh, Mary Only a Kiss (Percy/Imogen)
Balogh, Mary Only Beloved (George/Dora)
Balogh, Mary Someone to Love (Avery/Anna)
Balogh, Mary Someone to Hold (Joel/Camille)
Balogh, Mary Someone to Wed (Alexander/Wren)
Balogh, Mary Someone to Care (Marcel/Viola)
Balogh, Mary Someone to Trust (Colin/Elizabeth)
Balogh, Mary Someone to Honor (Gil/Abigail)
Balogh, Mary A Matter of Class novella (Reggie/Annabelle)
Balogh, Mary Irresistible (Nathaniel/Sophie)
Banner, Darryl Dog Tags (Brandon/Jesse)
Barrett, Jo Nothing to Commend Her (Magnus/Agatha)
Barry, Emma and Genevieve Turner Star Dust (Christopher “Kit”/Anne-Marie)
Barry, Emma & Genevieve Turner A Midnight Clear (Joe/Frances)
Barry, Emma & Genevieve Turner A Midnight Kiss (Greg/Betty)
Bennett, Sawyer Alex: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel (Alex/Sutton)
Berg, J.L. When You’re Ready (Logan/Clare)
Bettencourt, Rick Marketing Beef (Evan/Dillon)
Blair, Annette Jacob’s Return (Jacob/Rachel)
Blake, Jennifer The Tuscan’s Revenge Wedding (Nico/Amanda)
Blake, Liora True North (Trevor/Kate)
Blakeman, Aviva Stacked (Mags/Imogene)
Blakeman, Aviva Say My Name (John/Zelda)
Bliss, Chelle Throttle Me – Men of Inked Book 1 (“City” Joey/Suzy)
Bliss, Karina Play novella (Jared/Kayla)
Bourne, Phyllis Feud (Justice/Alexandra)
Bourne, Phyllis Between a Honeymoon and a Hot Mess(Julian/Hope)
Bowen, Kelly Duke of My Heart (Max/Ivory)
Bowen, Sarina Coming In from the Cold (Dane/Willow)
Bowen, Sarina The Year We Fell Down (Hartley/Corey)
Bowen, Sarina The Year We Hid Away (Bridger/Scarlet)
Bowen, Sarina Blonde Date novella (Andy/Katie) CLASSIC
Bowen, Sarina The Understatement of the Year (Graham/Rikker)
Bowen, Sarina The Shameless Hour (Rafe/Bella)
Bowen, Sarina The Fifteenth Minute (DJ/Lianne)
Bowen, Sarina novella Studly Period (Pepe/Josephine)
Bowen, Sarina novella Yesterday (Graham/Rikker)
Bowen, Sarina Bittersweet (Griff/Audrey)
Bowen, Sarina Keepsake (Zach/Lark)
Bowen, Sarina, Speakeasy (Alec/Mae)
Bowen, Sarina Fireworks (Benito/Skye)
Bowen, Sarina Rookie Move (Leo/Georgia)
Bowen, Sarina Hard Hitter (Patrick/Ari)
Bowen, Sarina Brooklynaire (Nate/Rebecca)
Bowen, Sarina Bountiful (Dave/Zara)
Bowen, Sarina Goodbye Paradise  (Joshua/Caleb)
Bowen, Sarina and Sarah Mayberry Temporary (Callan/Grace)
Bowen, Sarina and Elle Kennedy Him (Wes/Jamie)
Bowen, Sarina and Elle Kennedy Us (Wes/Jamie)
Bowen, Sarina and Elle Kennedy Epic (Wes/Jamie)
Bowen, Sarina and Elle Kennedy Good Boy (Blake/Jessica)
Bowen, Sarina and Elle Kennedy Stay (Matt/Hailey)
Bowen, Sarina and Sarah Mayberry Temporary(Callan/Grace)
Bowen, Sarina/ and Tanya Eby Man Hands (Tom/Brynn)
Boyce, Elizabeth Once a Duchess (Marshall/Isabelle)
Boyce, Elizabeth Along Came a Duke (Preston/Tabitha)
Boyle, Elizabeth And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake (Henry/Daphne)
Boyle, Elizabeth When She Said I Do (Lawrence, called Ren/Calliope)
Brockway, Connie The Other Guy’s Bride (Jim/Ginesse)
Brogan, Tracy Highland Surrender  (Myles/Fiona)
Bryce, Megan To Catch a Spinster (Nathaniel/Olivia)
Bryce, Megan To Tame a Dragon (Jameson/Amelia)
Bryce, Megan To Wed the Widow (George/Elinor)
Bryce, Megan To Tempt the Saint (George/Honora)
Bryce, Megan Some Like It Charming Ethan/Mackenzie)
Burke, Darcy To Love a Thief (Daniel/Jocelyn)
Burrows, Grace The Soldier (Devlin) (Michael/Cecilia)
Burrows, Grace Lady Sophia’s Christmas Wish (Vim/Wilhelm)
Burrows, Grace Douglas: Lord of Heartache (Douglas/Guinevere)
Butler, Eden Thin Love (Kona/Keira)
Caldwell, Christi Forever Betrothed, Never the Bride (Drake/Emmaline)
Calhoun, Anne Liberating Lacey (Hunter/Lacey)
Callen, Gayle Return of the Viscount  (Michael/Cecilia)
Callihan, Kristen The Hook Up (Drew/Anna)
Callihan, Kristen The Friend Zone (Gray/Ivy)
Callihan, Kristen The Game Plan (Ethan/Fiona)
Callihan, Kristen The Hot Shot (Finn/Chess)
Callihan, Kristen Idol (Killian/Libby)
Calmes, Mary A Piece of Cake novella (Jory/Sam)
Carter, DL Ridiculous (Timothy/Millicent)
Charles, K.J. A Seditious Affair (Silas/Dominic)
Charles, K.J A Fashionable Indulgence (Harry/Julius)
Chase, Loretta Captives of the Night (Ismal/Leila)
Chase, Loretta Lord of Scoundrels  (Sebastian, Marquess of Dain/Jessica) CLASSIC
Chase, Loretta The Last Hellion (Vere/Lydia)
Chase, Loretta Miss Wonderful (Alister/Mirabel)
Chase, Loretta Mr. Impossible (Rupert/Daphne)
Chase, Loretta Lord Perfect (Benedict/Bathsheba)
Chase, Loretta Not Quite a Lady (Darius/Charlotte)
Chase, Loretta Last Night’s Scandal (Lord Lisle/Olivia)
Chase, Loretta Silk Is for Seduction  (Gervase, Lord Clevedon/)
Chase, Loretta Scandal Wears Satin (Harry, Lord Longmore/Sophy)
Chase, Loretta Vixen in Velvet (Simon, Lord Lisburne/Leonie)
Chase, Loretta Dukes Prefer Blondes (Oliver “Raven”/Clara)
Clayborn, Kate Beginner’s Luck (Ben/Ekaterina “Kit”)
Chase, Loretta A Duke in Shining Armor: Difficult Dukes(Ripton/Olympia)
Clayton, Alice Wallbanger (Simon/Caroline)
Cole, Alyssa A Princess in Theory (Thabiso/Naledi)
Cole, Eden Not My Wolf novella (Corey/Devin)
Cole, Kresley The Warlord Wants Forever (Nikolai/Myst the Coveted) THUNDER SEX™!
Cole, Kresley A Hunger Like No Other  (Lachlain/Emma) VILE
Cole, Kresley No Rest for the Wicked  (Sebastian/Kaderin the Coldhearted) THUNDER SEX™!
Cole, Kresley Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night  (Bowen/Mariketa the Awaited) THUNDER SEX™!
Cole, Kresley Dark Need’s at Night’s Edge  (Conrad/Neomi) THUNDER SEX™!
Cole, Kresley Dark Desires After Dusk (Cadeon/Holly) THUNDER SEX™!
Cole, Kresley Kiss of a Demon King  (Rydstrom/Sabine) THUNDER SEX™!
Cole, Kresley Deep Kiss of Winter (Murdoch/Daniela the Ice Maiden) THUNDER SEX™!
Cole, Kresley Lothaire (Lothaire/Ellie)
Cole, Kresley Shadow’s Claim (Trehan/Bettina)
Cole, Kresley Macrieve  (Uilliam/Chloe) VILER
Crusie, Jennifer The Cinderella Deal (Lincoln/Daisy)
Crusie, Jennifer Welcome to Temptation (Phin/Sophie)
Crusie, Jennifer Bet Me (Calvin/Minerva)
Darcy, Norma The Bluestocking and the Rake (Robert/Georgiana)
Dare, Tessa How to Catch a Wild Viscount (Luke/Cecily)
Dare, Tessa One Dance with a Duke (Spencer/Amelia)
Dare, Tessa Twice Tempted by a Rogue (Rhys/Merry)
Dare, Tessa Three Nights with a Scoundrel (Julian/Lily)
Dare, Tessa The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright novella (Harry/Eliza)
Dare, Tessa A Night to Surrender (Bram/Susanna)
Dare, Tessa Once Upon a Winter’s Eve novella (Christian/Violet)
Dare, Tessa A Week to Be Wicked (Colin/Minerva)
Dare, Tessa A Lady by Midnight (Thorne/Kate)
Dare, Tessa Beauty and the Blacksmith (Aaron/Diana)
Dare, Tessa Any Duchess Will Do (Griffin/Pauline)
Dare, Tessa Lord Dashwood Missed Out novella (Dash/Elinora)
Dare, Tessa Romancing the Duke (Ransom/Izzy)
Dare, Tessa Say Yes to the Marquess (Rafe/Clio)
Dare, Tessa When a Scot Ties the Knot (Logan/Madeline)
Dare, Tessa Do You Want to Start a Scandal? (Piers/Charlotte)
Dare, Tessa The Duchess Deal: Girl Meets Duke (Ash/Emma)
Dare, Tessa The Governess Game  (Chase/Alexandra)
Dare, Tessa The Wallflower Wager (Gabriel/Penny)
Dare, Tessa novella His Bride for the Taking (Sebastian/Mary)
Davis, Miranda The Duke’s Tattoo (Ainsworth)
Dee, Bonnie/Devon, Summer  The Merchant and the Clergyman (James/Declan)
Dee, Cara Noah (Noah/Julian)
Dev, Sonali A Bollywood Affair (Samir/Mili)
Deveraux, Jude The Duchess (Trevelyan)
DiPasqua, Lila Undone (Simon/Angelica) *Worst of 2013*
Domning, Denise Almost Perfect (Lucien)
Donati, Sara Into the Wilderness (Nathaniel/Elizabeth)
Doyle, Stephanie One Naughty Christmas Night novella (John/Kate)
Dune, Lyla Low Tide Bikini (Brock/Sam)
Duran, Meredith A Lady’s Lesson in Scandal (Simon/Nell)
Duran, Meredith Wicked Becomes You (Alex/Gwen)
Duran, Meredith Bound by Your Touch (James/Lydia)
Duran, Meredith Written on Your Skin (Phin/Mina)
Duran, Meredith Your Wicked Heart novella (Ripton/Amanda)
Duran, Meredith That Scandalous Summer (Michael/Elizabeth)
Duran, Meredith Fool Me Twice (Alaistair/Olivia)
Duran, Meredith Lady Be Good (Christian/Lilah)
Duran, Meredith Luck Be a Lady (Nick/Catherine)
Duran, Meredith A Lady’s Code of Misconduct (Crispin/Jane)
Duran, Meredith Sweetest Regret (Lucas/Georgie)
Elliott, Taryn and Cari Quinn Manaconda (Hunter/Kennedy)
Enoch, Suzanne Reforming a Rake (Lucien/Alexandra)
Enoch, Suzanne Meet Me at Midnight  (Sinclair “Sin”/Victoria “Vixen”)
Enoch, Suzanne A Matter of Scandal (Grey/Emma)
Enoch, Suzanne The Rake (Tristan/Georgiana)
Enoch, Suzanne England’s Perfect Hero (Robert/Lucinda)
Enoch, Suzanne Always a Scoundrel (Bram/Rosamund)
Enoch, Suzanne A Beginner’s Guide to Rakes (Oliver/Diane)
Enoch, Suzanne Taming an Impossible Rogue (Keating/Camille)
Enoch, Suzanne Rules of an Engagement (Shaw/Zephyr, I am not making that up)
Enoch, Suzanne A Lady’s Guide to Improper Behaviour (Tolly, Bartholomew/Tess)
Enoch, Suzanne Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke (Adam/Sophia)
Enoch, Suzanne The Devil Wears Kilts  (Ranulf/Charlotte)
Essex, Elizabeth A Breath of Scandal (Will/Antigone)
Evans, Bronwen To Challenge the Earl of Cravenswood novella (Henry) *Worst of 2012*
Falkner, Tammy Tall, Tatted, and Tempting (Logan/Kit)
Falkner, Tammy Smart, Sexy, and Secretive (Logan/Emily)
Florand, Laura All’s Fair in Love and Chocolate novella (Simon/Ellie)
Florand, Laura The Chocolate Thief (Sylvain/Cade)
Florand, Laura The Chocolate Kiss (Philippe/Magalie)
Florand, Laura The Chocolate Rose (Gabriel/Jolie)
Florand, Laura The Chocolate Touch (Dominique/Jaime)
Florand, Laura The Chocolate Heart (Luc/Summer)
Florand, Laura The Chocolate Temptation (Patrick/Sarah)
Florand, Laura Shadowed Heart  (Luc/Summer again, plus everyone else)
Florand, Laura Snow-Kissed novella (Kurt/Kai)
Florand, Laura Sun-Kissed novella (Mack/Anne, plus guest stars)
Florand, Laure A Rose in Winter novella (Raoul/Allegra)
Florand, Laura Once Upon a Rose (Matthieu/Layla)
Florand, Laura A Wish Upon Jasmine (Damien/Jasmin)
Florand, Laura A Crown of Bitter Orange (Tristan/Malorie)
Florand, Laura A Kiss in Lavender (Lucien/Elena)
Florand, Laura All for You (Joss/Celie)
Florand, Laura Chase Me (Chase/Violette)
Florand, Laura Trust Me (Jake/Lina)
Ford, Rhys Sinner’s Gin (Kane/Miki)
Frank, Ella Try (Logan/Tate)
Frank, Ella Trust (Logan/Tate)
Frank, Ella Finley (Sunset Cove Series Book 1) (Brantley/Finn)
Frank, Ella Devils’s Kiss (Jordan/Derek)
Foster, Melissa Sisters in Love (Blake/Danica) a. God b. Awful
Frost, Sosie Once Upon a Half-Time (Lachlan/Elle)
Frost, Sosie Bad Boy’s Bridesmaid (Nate/Mandy)
Gabaldon, Diana Outlander  (Jamie/Claire)
Gabaldon, Diana Dragonfly in Amber (Jamie/Claire)
Gabaldon, Diana Voyager (Jamie/Claire)
Gabaldon, Diana Drums of Autumn (Jamie/Claire)
Gabaldon, Diana The Fiery Cross (Jamie/Claire)
Gabaldon, Diana A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Jamie/Claire)
Gabaldon, Diana An Echo in the Bone  (Jamie/Claire)
Gabaldon, Diana Written in My Own Heart’s Blood (Jamie/Claire)
Galen, Shana When You Give a Duke a Diamond (Will/Juliette)
Gale, Avon Power Play (Misha/Max)
Garvis Graves, Tracey Heart-Shaped Hack (Ian/Kate) – Worst of the Year Contender 2016
Garwood, Julie The Lion’s Lady (Lyon/Christina)
Garwood, Julie Saving Grace (Gabriel/Joanna, I think)
Garwood, Julie The Gift (Nathan/Sara)
Garwood, Julie Ransom (Brodick/Gillian)
Garwood, Julie Honour’s Splendour (Duncan/Madelyne)
Garwood, Julie Prince Charming (Lucas)
Garwood, Julie The Bride (Alec/Jamie)
Gayle, Catherine Goodger, Jane When a Duke Says I Do (Alexander/Elsie)
Grace, Aria More Than Friends (Ryan/Zach)
Grant, Cecilia A Gentleman Undone – (Will/Lydia)
Grant, Cecilia A Woman Entangled (Nick/Kate) COMMENTARY ON SEX IN ROMANCE
Grant, Cecilia A Christmas Gone Perfectly Wrong novella (Andrew/Lucy)
Gray, Juliana A Lady Never Lies (Finn/Alexandra)
Gray, Juliana A Gentleman Never Tells (Roland/Lilibet)
Gray, Juliana A Duke Never Yields (Wallingford/Abigail)
Gray, Juliana How to Tame Your Duke (Ashland/Emilie)
Gray, Juliana How to Master Your Marquis (Hatherfield/Stefanie)
Gray, Juliana How to School Your Scoundrel (Somerton/Luisa)
Gray, Juliana The Duke of Olympia Meets His Match (Olympia/Penelope)
Grey, R.S. The Summer Games: Settling the Score (Freddie/Andie)
Guhrke, Laura Lee And Then He Kissed Her (Harry/Emma)
Guhrke, Laura Lee Scandal of the Year (Aidan/Julia)
Guhrke, Laura Lee When the Marquess Met His Match (Nicholas/Belinda)
Guhrke, Laura Lee How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days (Stuart/Edie)
Guhrke, Laura Lee Catch a Falling Heiress (Jack/Linnet)
Guillory, Jasmine The Wedding Date(Drew/Alexa)
Hall, Alexis Boyfriend Material (Lucien/Oliver)
Halle, Karina Love in English (Mateo/Vera)
Harber, Cristin Sweet Girl (Cash/Nicola)
Harlow, Melanie Man Candy (Quinn/Jamie)
Harlow, Melanie If You Were Mine (Theo/Claire)
Harmon, Danelle The Wild One (Gareth)
Harmon, Danelle The Wicked One (Lucien)
Hart, Riley Collide (Cooper/Noah)
Hawk,Jordan Widdershins (Percival/Griffin)
Hawkins, J.D. Insatiable 1 and 2 (Jax/Lizzie)
Heath, Lorraine A Duke of Her Own (“Hawk”, Duke of Hawkhurst/Louisa)
Heath, Lorraine As an Earl Desires (Archie/Camilla)
Heath, Lorraine In Bed with the Devil (Luke/Catherine)
Heath, Lorraine Between the Devil and Desire (Jack/Olivia)
Heath, Lorraine Surrender to the Devil (Sterling/Frannie)
Heath, Lorraine Midnight Pleasures with a Scoundrel (James/Eleanor)
Heath, Lorraine The Last Wicked Scoundrel novella (William and Winnie)
Heath, Lorraine Passions of a Wicked Earl (Westcliffe/Claire)
Heath, Lorraine Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman (Stephen/Mercy)
Heath, Lorraine Waking Up with the Duke (Ainsley/Jayne)
Heath, Lorraine Deck the Halls with Love novella (Chetwyn/Meredith)
Heath, Lorraine She Tempts the Duke (Sebastian/Mary)
Heath, Lorraine Lord of Temptation (Tristan/Anne)
Heath, Lorraine Lord of Wicked Intentions (Rafe/Evelyn)
Heath, Lorraine When the Duke Was Wicked (Lovingdon/Grace)
Heath, Lorraine Once More, My Darling Rogue (Drake/Ophelia “Phee”)
Heath, Lorraine Falling Into Bed with a Duke (Ashe/Minerva)
Helmer, Tiffinie Mooseltoe (Reese/Holly)
Heyer, Georgette Venetia (Dameral/Venetia)
Hibbert, Talia Bad for the Boss (Theo/Jennifer)
Hibbert, Talia Undone by the Ex-Con (Isaac/Lizzie)
Hibbert, Talia Sweet on the Greek (Nikolas/Aria)
Hibbert, Talia Work for It (Olu/Griffin)
Hibbert, Talia Untouchable (Evan/Ruth)
Hibbert, Talia A Girl Like Her (Nathaniel/Hannah)
Hibbert, Talia That Kind of Guy (Zach/Rae)
Hibbert, Talia Damaged Goods (Samir/Laura)
Hibbert, Talia Get a Life, Chloe Brown (Red/Chloe)
Hibbert, Talia Take a Hint Dani, Brown (Zafir/Danika)
Higginson, Rachel The Opposite of You (Killian/Vera)
Holt, Cheryl Sweet Surrender (Jackson/Grace)
Holt, Leah When It Rains, He Pours (Liam/Glory)
Hoyt, Elizabeth The Raven Prince (Edward)
Hoyt, Elizabeth The Ice Princess novella (Isaac/Coral)
Hoyt, Elizabeth Scandalous Desires (Michael/Silence)
Hunt, Sam J.D. Taken by Two (Rex, Nate, Penelope)
Ivory, Judith The Proposition (Mick/Winnie)
Ivy, Alyssa Rose The Hazards of Skinny Dipping (Reed/Juliet)
Jacobs, Mara In Too Deep (Lucas/Lily)
Jackson, A.L. A Stone in the Sea (Sebastian “Baz”/Shea)
James, Eloisa Desperate Duchesses (Damon/Roberta)
James, Eloisa An Affair Before Christmas (Fletcher/Poppy)
James, Eloisa Duchess by Night (Jem/Harriet)
James, Eloisa This Duchess of Mine (Elijah/Jemma)
James, Eloisa A Duke of Her Own (Leopold/Eleanor)
James, Eloisa The Duke Is Mine (Quin/Olivia)
James, Eloisa Winning the Wallflower novella (Cyrus/Lucy)
James, Eloisa The Ugly Duchess (James/Theo)
James, Eloisa With This Kiss novella (Colin/Grace)
James, Eloisa Three Weeks with Lady X (Thorn/India)
James, Eloisa Wilde in Love (Alaric/Willa)
James, Julie Something About You (Jack/Cameron)
James, Julie About That Night (Kyle/Rylann)
James, Julie Love Irresistibly (Cade/Brooke)
James, Julie Suddenly One Summer (Ford/Victoria)
James, Julie It Happened One Wedding (Vaughn/Sidney)
James, Margaret The Silver Locket (Alex/Rose)
Jaymes, River Brad’s Bachelor Party (Brad/Cole)
Jaymes, River The Backup Boyfriend (Alec/Dylan)
Jaymes, River The Boyfriend Mandate (Memphis/Tyler)
Jefferson, Jessica Compromising Miss Tisdale (Duncan/Ambrosia[!])
Jeffries, Sabrina How to Woo a Reluctant Lady (Giles)
Jenkins, Beverly Indigo (Galen/Hester)
Jenkins, Beverly Always and Forever (Jackson/Grace)
Jenkins, Beverly Night Hawk (Ian/Maggie)
Jewel, Carolyn One Starlit Night novella (Crispin)
Johnson, Julie Not You, It’s Me (Chase/Gemma)
Jordan, Lucia In Too Deep  (Crasher/Rayne)
Kell, Amber Attracting Anthony (Silver/Anthony)
Kelly, Carla Miss Whittier Makes a List (Daniel/Hannah)
Kelly, Carla Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand  (Fletcher/Roxanna)
Kelly, Carla Reforming Lord Ragsdale (John/Emma)
Kelly, Carla Libby’s London Merchant (Anthony/Libby)
Kelly, Carla One Good Turn (Nez/Liria)
Kelly, Carla The Lady’s Companion (David/Emma)
Kelly, Carla With the Ring (Sam/Lydia)
Kelly, Carla Marrying the Captain (Oliver/Nana)
Kelly, Carla The Surgeon’s Lady (Philemon/Laura)
Kelly, Carla Marrying the Royal Marine (Hugh/Polly)
Kelly, Carla The Admiral’s Penniless Bride (Charles/Sophia)
Kelly, Carla The Wedding Journey (Jesse/Nell)
Kelly, Carla Beau Crusoe (James/Susannah)
Kelly, Carla Mrs. McVinnie’s London Season (William/Jeannie)
Kelly, Carla The Unlikely Master Genius (Able/Meridee)
Kelly, Carla Regency Royal Navy Christmas  (Micah/Asenathe) (Andrew/Lorna)
Kelly, Elizabeth Christmas Rescue (Elias/Ivy)
Kennedy, Elle One Night of Sin (Gage/Skylar)
Kennedy, Elle One Night of Scandal (Reed/Darcy)
Kennedy, Elle The Deal (Garrett/Hannah)
Kennedy, Elle The Mistake (Logan/Grace)
Kennedy, Elle The Score (Dean/Allie)
Kennedy, Elle The Goal (Tuck/Sabrina)
Kennedy, Elle The Chase (Fitz/Summer)
Kennedy, Elle The Risk (Jake/Brenna)
Kennedy, Elle and Vivian Arend All Fired Up (Parker/Lynn)
Kennedy, Sean Tigers and Devils (Simon/Declan)
Kent, Claire Escorted (Ander/Lori)
Kinsale, Laura Flowers from the Storm (Christian/Maddy)
Klein, K-Lee Lazy Sundays (Devon/Scott)
Kleypas, Lisa Surrender – novella (Jason)
Kleypas, Lisa Stranger in My Arms (Hunter)
Kleypas, Lisa Suddenly You (Jack/Amanda)
Kleypas, Lisa Then Came You (Alex/Lily)
Kleypas, Lisa Dreaming of You (Derek/Sarah)
Kleypas, Lisa Where’s My Hero novella (Jake/Lydia, but actually read for Derek)
Kleypas, Lisa Somewhere I’ll Find You (Damon, Lord Savage [!]/Julia)
Kleypas, Lisa Because You’re Mine (Logan/Madeline)
Kleypas, Lisa I Will (Andrew/Caroline)
Kleypas, Lisa Where Dreams Begin (Zachary/Holland Taylor [!])
Kleypas, Lisa Someone to Watch Over Me (Grant/Victoria)
Kleypas, Lisa Lady Sophia’s Lover (Ross/Sophia)
Kleypas, Lisa Worth Any Price (Nick/Charlotte)
Kleypas, Lisa Again the Magic (McKenna/Aline plus the spectacular Gideon/Livia)
Kleypas, Lisa Secrets of a Summer Night Wallflowers Book 1 (Simon/Annabelle)
Kleypas, Lisa It Happened One Autumn Wallflowers Book 2 (Marcus/Lillian)
Kleypas, Lisa The Devil in Winter   Wallflowers Book 3 (Sebastian/Evie)
Kleypas, Lisa Scandal in the Spring  Wallflowers Book 4 (Matthew/Daisy)
Kleypas, Lisa A Wallflower Christmas (Rafe/Hannah, but really Sebastian & Simon)
Kleypas, Lisa Mine till Midnight Hathaways Book 1 (Cam/Amelia)
Kleypas, Lisa Seduce Me at Sunrise  Hathaways Book 2 (Kev/Win)
Kleypas, Lisa Tempt Me at Twilight  Hathaways Book 3 (Harry/Poppy) TWO REVIEWS
Kleypas, Lisa Married by Morning Hathaways Book 4 (Leo/Catherine)
Kleypas, Lisa Love in the Afternoon Hathaways Book 5 (Christopher/Beatrix)
Kleypas, Lisa Smooth Talking Stranger (Jack/Ella)
Kleypas, Lisa Sugar Daddy (Gage/Liberty)
Kleypas, Lisa Blue-Eyed Devil (Hardy/Haven)
Kleypas, Lisa Cold-Hearted Rake (Devon/Kathleen)
Kleypas, Lisa Marrying Winterbourne (Rhys/Helen)
Kleypas, Lisa Devil in Spring (Gabriel/Pandora)
Kleypas, Lisa Hello Stranger (Ethan/Garrett)
Kleypas, Lisa Devil’s Daughter (West/Phoebe)
Kleypas, Lisa Chasing Cassandra (Tom/Cassandra)
Knight, JJ Big Pickle (Jace/Nova)
Lang, Ruby Acute Reactions  (Ian/Petra)
Lang, Ruby Hard Knocks (Adam/Helen)
Lauren, Christina Beautiful Bastard (Bennett/Chloe)
Lauren, Christina Beautiful Bitch – novella (Bennett/Chloe)
Lauren, Christina Beautiful Stranger (Max/Sara)
Lauren, Christina Beautiful Bombshell – novella (Bennett/Chloe and Max/Sara)
Lauren, Christina Beautiful Player (Will/Hanna)
Lauren, Christina Beautiful Beginning novella (Bennett/Chloe)
Lauren, Christina Beautiful Beloved novella (Max/Sara)
Lauren, Christina Beautiful Secret (Niall/Ruby)
Lauren, Christina Beautiful Boss (Will/Hanna)
Lauren, Christina Beautiful (Jensen/Pippa)
Lauren, Christina Sweet Filthy Boy (Ansel/Mia)
Lauren, Christina Dirty Rowdy Thing (Finn/Harlow)
Lauren, Christina Dark Wild Night (Oliver/Lola)
Lauren, Christina Wicked Sexy Liar (Luke/London)
Lauren, Christina A Not-Joe Not-So-Short Short (Not-Joe/Perry)
Lauren, Christina Dating You/Hating You (Carter/Eve)
Lauren, Christina Roomies (Calvin/Holland)
Lauren, Christina Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating (Josh/Hazel)
Laurens, Stephanie Temptation and Surrender (Jonas)
Laurens, Stephanie An Ideal Bride (Michael)
Lee, Geneva Catching Liam (Liam/Jillian)
Lee, Jade Wedded in Scandal (Robert/Helaine)
Leigh, Eva Forever Your Earl (Daniel/Eleanor)
Leigh, Eva Scandal Takes the Stage (Cam/Maggie)
Lerner, Rose Sweet Disorder (Nick/Phoebe)
Lerner, Rose Promised Land novella (Nathan/Rachel)
Lilley, R.K. In Flight (James/Bianca)
Lin, Jeannie My Fair Concubine (Fei Long/Yan Ling)
Linden, Caroline When I Met My Duchess novella (Gareth/Cleo)
Linden, Caroline One Night in London (Edward/Francesca)
Linden, Caroline Blame It on Bath (Gerard/Kate)
Linden, Caroline The Way to a Duke’s Heart (Charlie/Tessa)
Linden, Caroline The Truth About Love short story (Damien/Miranda)
Linden, Caroline Love and Other Scandals (Tristan/Joan)
Linden, Caroline It Takes a Scandal (Sebastian/Abigail)
Linden, Caroline All’s Fair in Love and Scandal novella (Douglas/Madeline)
Lindsey, Johanna The Heir (Duncan)
Lohmann, Jennifer Twelve Kisses Until Christmas novella (Marc/Selina)
London, Julia The Revenge of Lord Eberlin (Tobin/Lily)
Long, Andie M. The Alphabet Game (Gabe/Stella)
Long, Julie Anne The Runaway Duke (Connor/Rebecca)
Long, Julie Anne Beauty and the Spy (Kit/Susannah)
Long, Julie Anne Ways to Be Wicked (Tom/Sylvie)
Long, Julie Anne The Secret to Seduction (Rhys/Sabrina)
Long, Julie Anne To Love a Thief (Gideon/Lily)
Long, Julie Anne The Perils of Pleasure (Colin/Madeline)
Long, Julie Anne Like No Other Lover (Miles/Cynthia)
Long, Julie Anne Since the Surrender (Chase/Rosalind)
Long, Julie Anne I Kissed an Earl (Asher/Violet)
Long, Julie Anne What I Did for a Duke (Alex/Genevieve) CLASSIC
Long, Julie Anne How the Marquess Was Won (Julian/Phoebe)
Long, Julie Anne A Notorious Countess Confesses  (Adam/Evie, I know)
Long, Julie Anne It Happened One Midnight (Jonathon/”Tommy” Thomasina)
Long, Julie Anne Between the Devil and Ian Eversea (Ian/Tansy)
Long, Julie Anne It Started with a Scandal (Phillipe/Elise)
Long, Julie Anne The Legend of Lyon Redmond (Lyon/Olivia)
Long, Julie Anne Malcolm and Isabel (Malcolm/Isabel)
Long, Julie Anne Lady Derring Takes a Lover (Tristan/Delilah)
Long, Julie Anne Angel in a Devil’s Arms (Lucien/Angelique)
Long, Julie Anne Dirty Dancing at Devil’s Leap (Mac/Avalon)
Maclean, Sarah The Day of the Duchess (Malcom/Seraphina)
Lowe, Fiona Boomerang Bride (Marc/Mathilda)
Lyons, Kathy Two Week Seduction (John/Alea)
Lund, S.E. The Agreement (Drake/Kate)
Mabie, M. Bait (Casey/Blake)
MacLean, Julianne Married by Midnight novella (Garrett/Anne)
MacLean, Sarah Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake (Gabriel/Calpurnia)
MacLean, Sarah Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke’s Heart (Simon/Isabella)
MacLean, Sarah A Rogue by Any Other Name (Michael, Bourne/Penelope)
MacLean, Sarah One Good Earl Deserves a Lover (Cross/Pippa)
MacLean, Sarah No Good Duke Goes Unpunished (Temple/Mara)
MacLean, Sarah Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover (Duncan/Georgiana)
MacLean, Sarah The Rogue Not Taken (King/Sophie)
Maclean, Sarah The Day of the Duchess (Malcom/Seraphina)
Malone, M. Tank (“Tank” Tanner/Emma)
March, Meghan Beneath This Mask (Simon/Charlie)
McCoy, Katie Play Me (Jake/Ella)
McNaught, Judith Almost Heaven (Ian/Elizabeth) OLD SCHOOL
McNaught, Judith Once and Always (Jason/Victoria)
McQuiston, Casey Red, White, and Royal Blue (Alex/Henry)
McQuiston, Jennifer Her Highland Fling (William/Penelope)
Merrow, J.L Muscling Through (Al/Larry)
Michaels, Jess An Introduction to Pleasure: Mistress Matchmaker (Andrew/Lysandra!)
Milan, Courtney This Wicked Gift (William/Lavinia)
Milan, Courtney Proof by Seduction (Gareth/Jenny)
Milan, Courtney Trial By Desire (Ned)
Milan, Courtney The Lady Always Wins novella (Simon/Virginia)
Milan, Courtney Unveiled (Ash/Margaret)
Milan, Courtney Unclaimed (Mark/Jessica)
Milan, Courtney Unraveled (Smite/Miranda) FAVE
Milan, Courtney Unlocked novella (Evan/Elaine)
Milan, Courtney What Happened at Midnight novella (John/Mary)
Milan, Courtney The Governess Affair novella (Hugo/Serena)
Milan, Courtney The Duchess War (Robert/Minerva)
Milan, Courtney A Kiss for Midwinter novella (Jonas/Lydia) CLASSIC
Milan, Courtney The Heiress Effect  (Oliver/Jane, bonus Anjan/Emily)
Milan, Courtney The Countess Conspiracy (Sebastian/Violet)
Milan, Courtney The Suffragette Scandal (Edward/Free) IF YOU READ ONLY ONE…
Milan, Courtney Talk Sweetly to Me (Stephen/Rose)
Milan, Courtney Trade Me (Blake/Tina)
Milan, Courtney The Year of the Crocodile (Blake/Tina & Adam Fucking Reynolds)
Milan, Courtney Hold Me (Jay/Maria)
Milan, Courtney Once Upon a Marquess (Christian/Judith)
Milan, Courtney Her Every Wish (Crash/Daisy)
Milan, Courtney After the Wedding (Adrian/Camilla)
Milan, Courtney Mrs. Martin’s Incomparable Adventure Violetta/Bertrice)
Milan, Courtney A Right Honorable Gentleman – short story (Edward/Catherine)
Milan, Courtney The Pursuit Of… novella (John/Henry)
Miller, Jennifer Fighting Envy (Jackson/Rowan)
Montgomery, L.M. The Blue Castle (Valancy/Barney)
Morgan, Rhenna Wild and Sweet (Zeke/Gabrielle)
Morton, Lily Rule Breaker (Dylan/Gabe)
Noble, Kate If I Fall (Jackson/Sarah)
Nolan, Amelia Passion and Pride (Evan/Marian)
Northcote, Jay First Class Package novella (Jim/Patrick)
Novark, Anna Marie The Doctor Wears a Stetson (Cameron/Jessie)
O’Keefe, Molly Christmas Eve: A Love Story (Dean/Trina)
O’Reilly, Kathleen Sex, Straight Up (Daniel/Catherine)
O’Reilly Kathleen Hot Under Pressure (David/Ashley)
Pamfiloff, Mimi Jean fugly (Maxwell/Lily)
Parker, Lucy Act Like It (Richard/Lainie)
Parker, Lucy Pretty Face (Luc/Lily) SOOOO GOOD!
Parker, Lucy Making Up (Leo/Trix)
Parker, Lucy The Austen Playbook (Griff/Freddy)
Parker, Lucy Headliners (Nick/Sabrina)
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth It Had to Be You (Dan/Phoebe)
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth Nobody’s Baby but Mine (Cal/Jane) 2ND WORST HEROINE OF 2014
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth This Heart of Mine (Kevin/Molly) WORST HEROINE OF 2014
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth Match Me If You Can (Heath/Annabelle)
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth Natural Born Charmer (Dean/Blue)
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth Heroes Are My Weakness (Theo/Annie)
Preston, Maggie Sex and Insensibility (Will/Lara)
Pryce, Evelyn A Man Above Reproach (Elias/Josephine)
Putney, Mary Jo The Rake (Reggie)
Quinlan, Bria The Last Single Girl (John/Sarah)
Quinn, Julia How to Marry a Marquis (James/Elizabeth)
Quinn, Julia Everything and the Moon (Robert/Victoria)
Quinn, Julia Brighter Than the Sun (Charles/Ellie)
Quinn, Julia The Duke and I  Bridgerton Book 1 (Simon/Daphne)
Quinn, Julia The Viscount Who Loved Me Bridgerton Book 2 (Anthony/Kate)
Quinn, Julia An Offer from a Gentleman Bridgerton Book 3 (Benedict/Sophy)
Quinn, Julia Romancing Mr. Bridgerton Bridgerton Book 4 (Colin/Penelope)
Quinn, Julia To Sir Phillip, With Love Bridgerton Book 5 (Phillip/Eloise)
Quinn, Julia When He Was Wicked Bridgerton Book 6 (Michael/Francesca)
Quinn, Julia It’s In His Kiss Bridgerton Book 7 (Gareth/Hyacinth)
Quinn, Julia On the Way to the Wedding Bridgerton Book 8 (Gregory/Lucy)
Quinn, Julia The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After (Everyone, even Violet)
Quinn, Julia What Happens In London Bevelstoke Book 2 (Harry/Olivia)
Quinn, Julia Ten Things I Love About You  Bevelstoke Book 3 (Sebastian/Annabel)
Quinn, Julia Just Like Heaven Smythe-Smith Book 1 (Marcus/Honoria)
Quinn, Julia A Night Like This Smythe-Smith Book 2 (Daniel/Anne)
Quinn, Julia The Sum of All Kisses Smythe-Smith Book 3 (Hugh/Sarah)
Quinn, Julia The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy Smythe-Smith Book 4 (Richard/Iris)
Quinn, Julia Because of Miss Bridgerton (George/Billie)
Rai, Alisha Hate to Want You: Forbidden Hearts (Nicholas and Livvy)
Reid, Penny Neanderthal Seeks Human (Quinn/Janie)
Reid, Penny Friends Without Benefits (Nico/Elizabeth)
Reid, Penny Neanderthal Marries Human (Quinn/Janie)
Reid, Penny Love Hacked (Alex/Sandra)
Reid, Penny Beauty and the Mustache (Drew/Ashley)
Reid, Penny Scenes from the City: A Knitting in the City Surprise
Reid, Penny Ninja at First Sight (Greg/Fiona)
Reid, Penny Happily Ever Ninja (Greg/Fiona)
Reid, Penny Dating-ish (Matt/Marie)
Reid, Penny A Marriage of Inconvenience (Dan/Kat)
Reid, Penny Truth or Beard (Duane/Jessica)
Reid, Penny Grin and Beard It (Jethro/Sienna)
Reid, Penny Beard Science (Cletus/Jennifer)
Reid, Penny Beard in Mind (Beau/Shelly)
Reid, Penny Dr. Strangebeard (Roscoe/Simone)
Reid, Penny Elements of Chemistry (Martin/Kaitlyn)
Reid, Penny Kissing Tolstoy (Luca/Anna)
Reid, Penny & L.H. Cosway The Hooker and the Hermit (Ronan/Annie)
Reid, Rachel Game Changer (Scott/Kip)
Reid, Rachel Heated Rivalry (Ilya/Shane) – FANTASTIC
Reid, Rachel Tough Guy (Ryan/Fabian)
Richland, Anna His Road Home novella (Rey/Grace)
Riley, Sierra Guardian (Titus/Alex)
Robert, Katee Wrong Bed, Right Guy (Gabe/Elle)
Roberts, Holly S. Play: New Adult Sports Romance (Killian/Rebecca)
Roberts, Nora Vision in White (Carter/Mackenzie)
Rochon, Farrah The Boyfriend Project (Daniel/Samiah)
Rodale, Maya The Wicked Wallflower (Blake/Emma)
Romain, Theresa Season for Temptation (James/Julia)
Romain, Theresa Season for Surrender (Alex/Louisa)
Romain, Theresa Season for Scandal (Jane/Edmund)
Romain, Theresa Season for Desire (Giles/Audrina)
Rose, Ranae Whisky Dreams novella (Brom/John)
Rothwell, Kate Seducing Miss Dunaway novella (Fell, Lord Fellington/Mary)
Russell, Jess The Dressmaker’s Duke (Rhys/Olivia)
Sage, May Scrooge McFuck (Bennet/Piper)
Satie, Erin The Secret Heart (Adam/Caro)
Schone, Robin The Lady’s Tutor (Ramiel, The Bastard Sheikh/Elizabeth)
Schurig, Rachel Ransom (Daltrey/Daisy)
Sebastian, Cat The Lawrence Browne Affair (Lawrence/Georgie)
Shay, Kathryn In Too Deep (Gabe/Rachel)
Simonson, Sheilia Bar Sinister (Richard/Emily)
Singh, Nalini Rock Addiction (Fox/Molly)
Sivec, Tara The Stocking Was Hung (Sam/Noel)
Sivec, Tara Cupid Has a Heart-On (Sam/Noel)
Sivec, Tara The Firework Exploded (Sam/Noel)
Sivec, Tara The Bunny is Coming (Sam/Noel)
Snyder, Suleikha Tikka Chance on Me (Tyson/Pinky)
Sosa, Mia Crashing into Her (Love on Cue (Anthony/Eva)
Spencer, LaVyrle Vows (Tom/Emily)
Stone, Juliana Offside (The Barker Triplets Book 1) (Logan/Billie)
Stone, Victoria Helen Jane Doe: A Novel (It’s all about Jane)
Stewart, Nicole Home for Three (Selwyn/Jack/Kess)
Sunday, Anyta Leo Loves Aries (Theo/Jamie)
Thomas, Sherry The Luckiest Lady in London (Felix/Louisa)
Thorne, Sally The Hating Game (Josh/Lucy)
Thorne, Sally 99 Percent Mine (Tom/Darcy)
Vale, Vanessa Their Kidnapped Bride (Kane, Ian, Emma) Worst of the Year 2016
Valente, Lili Magnificent Bastard (Sebastian/Penny) BEST TITLE EVER?
Valente, Lili Hot as Puck (Justin/Libby)
Verge, Lisa Ann Heaven in His Arms (Andre/Genevieve)
Vincy, Mia A Wicked Kind of Husband (Joshua/Cassandra)
Vincy, Mia A Beastly Kind of Earl (Rafe/Thea)
Walker, N.R. The Weight of It All (Henry/Reed)
Walker, N.R. Learning to Feel (Nathan/Trent
Walker, N.R. Sixty Five Hours (Cameron/Lucas)
Walker, N.R. Imago (Jack/Lawson)
Walker, N.R. Imagines (Jack/Lawson)
Walker, N.R. Red Dirt Heart (Charlie/Travis)
Walker, N.R. Twelfth of Never (Mark/Will)
Walker, N.R. novella Red Dirt Heart Imago (Charlie/Travis & Lawson/Jack)
Walker, N.R. Switched (Israel/Sam)
Walsh, Brighton Our Love Unhinged (Cade/Winter)
Walsh, Brighton Second Chance Charmer (Cade/Winter)
Ward, HM Scandalous (Jack/Abby)
Ward, JR Dark Lover (Wrath/Beth)
Ward, Tracy Rookie Mistake (Trey/Sloane)
Weatherspoon, Rebekah Wrapped: A FIT Adjacent Christmas Novella (Aiden/Shae)
Weatherspoon, Rebekah Rafe: A Buff Male Nanny (Rafe/Sloan)
Willig, Lauren The Secret History of the Pink Carnation (Richard/Amy)
Willig, Lauren The Seduction of the Crimson Rose (Vaughn/Mary)
Woodiwiss, Kathleen A Rose in Winter (Christopher/Erienne)
Wylde, Anya Penelope (Charles/Penelope) *Most Inept of 2013*
Who Cares The Wallflower *Also Worst of 2012*
York, Sara Pray the Gay Away (A Southern Thing Book 1) (Jack/Andrew)
Young, Luke Friends with Partial Benefits (Brian/Jillian)
Zapata, Mariana Kulti (Reiner “Rey”/Sal)
Zapata, Mariana Wait for It (Dallas/Diana)
Zapata, Mariana Dear Aaron (Aaron/Ruby)
Zapata, Mariana From Lukov with Love (Ivan/Jasmine)
Zapata, Mariana The Wall of Winnipeg and Me (Aiden/Vanessa)

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35 thoughts on “The Complete Reading List by Author

  1. Jorry March 21, 2015 at 5:34 pm Reply

    I’m surprised Sheila Simonson isn’t on your list. I agree that Milan is very good. She writes novels which are brilliantly plotted and fanatically researched and which happen to be Victorian romances, though written in modern English and with the explicit sex which seems to be obligatory these days. But when I read Simonson I’m IN the Regency. The first Regency I ever read was one that I pulled out of a used-book box three years ago and it’s still the best one I’ve ever read — Simonson’s Lady Elizabeth’s Comet, which she wrote back in the 1980’s. It’s an ebook, along with other Simonson books, at Uncial Press and in paperback at ebay and other online booksellers.

    • Prolixity Julien March 21, 2015 at 8:14 pm Reply

      THANK YOU! As I say in so many of my reviews, I am always looking for new authors. I will give Simonson a try.

  2. Sarah April 6, 2015 at 6:23 pm Reply

    I’m wondering if anywhere in this list is someone with a writing style similar to Julie Anne Long? She’s absolutely my favorite. Her wit slays me, and I really enjoy the – this is going to sound crazy – lack of plot in her novels. I don’t like when there’s too much extraneous secondary plot stuff going on (murder plots or double lives or what have you), and I find a lot of other authors try to jam that stuff in to the detriment of the novel as a whole. Any suggestions?

  3. Prolixity Julien April 6, 2015 at 7:45 pm Reply

    I know how you feel. I don’t like a lot of secondary plot either, especially spies or murder plots, it’s why I really like novellas – they strip everything else away. I note novellas on the list above. Courtney Milan has a couple of good ones (one classic A Kiss for Midwinter and I love Tessa Dare’s The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright is great, light, and fun.

    Have you tried Julia Quinn? Her Bridgerton books will keep you going for a while. She is a deft and witty writer.

    Lisa Kleypas isn’t long on intrigues as a rule either and she has a HUGE back catalogue.

    Meredith Duran writes character driven romance, if that interests you, but she’s not has witty as Long, but then who is?

    I always recommend Courtney Milan simply because she is the best writer in the business, better overall than Long, but not as funny, but not unfunny either.

    Avoid Sherry Thomas. She is really serious.

    If you like contemporary romances, Laura Florand writes straight forward escapist love stories very well that are very entertaining.

    There are links for Milan, Long, Quinn, Dare, Kleypas, and Florand’s catalogues on right above.

  4. Sarah April 9, 2015 at 5:12 pm Reply

    Lovely, thank you! And thank you so much for your lists and reviews, you’ve probably saved me and others from countless hours wading through horrible writing to find the really good stuff

  5. Prolixity Julien April 9, 2015 at 6:23 pm Reply

    Your comment has made my day. Please let me know how you make out or if you discover a new author.

  6. The Reading Chick December 29, 2015 at 12:22 pm Reply

    I really like your List there is so many brilliant author’s on it, but I am very surprised that Gaelen Foley isn’t there. Still really good though!

  7. Prolixity Julien December 30, 2015 at 1:07 pm Reply

    I have read her and found this on another of my lists which is apparently the sum total of my opinion: Gaelen Foley – She used the word “orifice” in a love scene.

  8. […] recommendations can be found here. Links to my other reviews can be found on my complete reading list of books sorted by author or Author Commentary & The Tallies […]

  9. […] to my other reviews can be found on my complete reading list of books sorted by author or Author Commentary & The Tallies […]

  10. Mallory January 17, 2017 at 1:15 am Reply

    Have you read other novels by Stephanie Laurens?

    • Prolixity Julien January 17, 2017 at 11:52 am Reply

      No, I read a bunch of her stuff when my obsession started in 2012 but I didn’t like the over-the-top 30 page love scenes. I may revisit her if you can suggest one or two great ones. I’m pretty sure I read one with a Lady Danbury crossover from Julia Quinn.

  11. Mallory January 23, 2017 at 2:14 am Reply

    Of all these novels, which one/s are your ULTIMATE favorite?

  12. Prolixity Julien January 23, 2017 at 9:25 am Reply

    I love your questions. I guess I need to add my personal top 5 to my recommendations list, but let me go with a quick answer not in order of The Chocolate Touch by Laura Florand, A Kiss for Midwinter by Courtney Milan, The Game Plan by Kristen Callihan for a start, but there are more and the longer I look at my list the more I want to add. I think those first two might be unassailable.

  13. Mallory January 23, 2017 at 10:30 am Reply

    I read A Kiss for Midwinter because it was on your CLASSIC list and you mention it several times in this website. And it’s the best novella I’ve read so far.

    • Prolixity Julien January 23, 2017 at 10:44 am Reply

      I LOVE it so much. I have a novella recommendations list as well. I think Sarina Bowen’s Blonde Date is a classic as well.

  14. Mallory January 24, 2017 at 6:50 pm Reply

    I’ll read “Blonde Date”. Did you read the Bridgerton and Bedwyn series in order? Because I want to read the best ones from each series first ( Romancing Mr. Bridgerton and Slightly Dangerous) but I don’t know if that’s a good idea.

  15. Prolixity Julien January 24, 2017 at 7:50 pm Reply

    I’ve only read 1 1/2 of the other Bedwyn books and don’t feel a burning need to go back to them. Slightly Dangerous is the only one I’ve seen praised highly.

    I read the Bridgertons out of order starting with Benedict’s then Colin’s book. They’re in order on my Quinn page if you want to see how they go. I think I went 3, 4, 1, 2, 6, 5, 7, 8. Skip Francesca’s book, When He Was Wicked, it’s terrible.

    If you like Blind Date see if you can get the Ivy Years as a set, it will be cheaper. In that group you want to skip The Fifteenth Minute.

  16. Mallory January 24, 2017 at 8:34 pm Reply

    Thank you for these recommendations. I’ll start reading “Blonde Date” this weekend.

    I love reading humorous and witty romance novels, do you have some recommendations for that category as well?

    • Prolixity Julien January 24, 2017 at 9:36 pm Reply

      Julia Quinn is witty and Julie Anne Long is clever and funny.

  17. Mallory January 28, 2017 at 11:45 pm Reply

    Have you read any novel by Sylvia Day?

    • Prolixity Julien January 28, 2017 at 11:56 pm Reply

      I haven’t. Is there a particular one you recommend?

  18. Mallory January 29, 2017 at 12:17 am Reply

    Yes, I have plenty 😆 The Crossfire series (contemporary), “Bared to You” is the first book. She also writes historical novels, I love her Georgian series- “Passion for the Game” is, in my opinion, the best of the series. She also writes novellas, “Lucien’s Gamble” is very lovely. For stand alone, “Seven Years to Sin” and “The Stranger I Married” (secondary plot is really lovely) are very good. Sylvia was my first historical romance author so her novels are dear to me. Her works are really intense, HOT.

  19. Mallory March 18, 2017 at 3:53 am Reply

    Mrs. Julien, have you read any new novels lately that you can add to this list?

    • Prolixity Julien March 18, 2017 at 12:40 pm Reply

      Yes, but not a lot. The newest entries are easier to find on the Shameful Tally pinned post below.

  20. Mallory May 11, 2017 at 2:57 am Reply

    Mrs. Juliene, have you read the other Mariana Zapata novels?

    • Prolixity Julien May 11, 2017 at 3:32 pm Reply

      One of my friends has but I believe she said this was the one most worth reading.

  21. dona June 12, 2017 at 4:09 am Reply

    Mrs. Julien,
    I wonder why in your list of authors Brenda Joyce is not present.
    I think that some of her historical novels are very good.

  22. Mallory July 1, 2017 at 12:52 am Reply

    Mrs. Julien, have you read “See Jane Score” by Rachel Gibson?

    • Prolixity Julien July 13, 2017 at 2:26 pm Reply

      No, but I’m looking for a sample based on your mention.

      • Mallory September 1, 2017 at 5:46 pm

        Hello, Have you read “The Wall of Winnipeg and Me” by Mariana Zapata?

      • Prolixity Julien September 2, 2017 at 12:42 pm

        No, as I recall my fellow kissing book afficianados said it was a slog; however I did read and really like Zapata’s Wait For It.

  23. Mallory April 8, 2018 at 3:38 am Reply


    Are you going to post your review of “The Wall of Winnipeg and Me”?

    • Prolixity Julien April 18, 2018 at 3:52 pm Reply

      I hope so at some point. I liked it, I didn’t love it, and it was too long.

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