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My AUTOBUY List (Links Will Take You to a Summary of the Author’s Catalogue)
Tessa Dare (on probation right now, so not an autobuy, but still an autoread)
Laura Florand – She’s been on hiatus since 2017. I miss her SO MUCH!
Lisa Kleypas
Julie Anne Long – historicals
Courtney Milan – The. Very. Best.


Recommended books are in bold.

The (Shamefree) Tally 2020

  1. Costello, Lauren Braun & Russell Reich Notes on Cooking: A Short Guide to an Essential Craft
  2. DiAngelo, Robin White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism
  3. Fashionary Fashionpedia: The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design
  4. Feldman, Deborah Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots
  5. Fisher, Carrie Wishful Drinking
  6. Stone, Victoria Helen Problem Child (A Jane Doe Thriller)
  7. Whedon, Joss & Georges Jenty Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home

The (Shameful) Tally 2020

  1. Bowen, Sarina and Elle Kennedy Epic (Wes/Jamie)
  2. Clayborn, Kate Beginner’s Luck (Ben/Ekaterina “Kit”)
  3. Hall, Alexis Boyfriend Material (Lucien/Oliver)
  4. Hibbert, Talia Bad for the Boss (Theo/Jennifer)
  5. Hibbert, Talia Undone by the Ex-Con (Isaac/Lizzie)
  6. Hibbert, Talia Sweet on the Greek (Nikolas/Aria)
  7. Hibbert, Talia Work for It (Olu/Griffin)
  8. Hibbert, Talia Untouchable (Evan/Ruth)
  9. Hibbert, Talia A Girl Like Her (Nathaniel/Hannah)
  10. Hibbert, Talia That Kind of Guy (Zach/Rae)
  11. Hibbert, Talia Damaged Goods (Samir/Laura)
  12. Hibbert, Talia Get a Life, Chloe Brown (Red/Chloe) 
  13. Hibbert, Talia Take a Hint Dani, Brown (Zafir/Danika)
  14. Holt, Leah When It Rains, He Pours (Liam/Glory)
  15. Kelly, Carla Regency Royal Navy Christmas (Micah/Asenathe) (Andrew/Lorna)
  16. Kleypas, Lisa Chasing Cassandra (Tom/Cassandra)
  17. Knight, JJ Big Pickle (Jace/Nova)
  18. Lauren, Christina Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating (Josh/Hazel)
  19. McQuiston, Casey Red, White, and Royal Blue (Alex/Henry) FANTASTIC!
  20. Parker, Lucy Headliners (Nick/Sabrina)
  21. Quinlan, Bria The Last Single Girl (John/Sarah)
  22. Reid, Rachel Tough Guy (Ryan/Fabian)
  23. Roberts, Nora Vision in White (Carter/Mackenzie)
  24. Rochon, Farrah The Boyfriend Project (Daniel/Samiah)
  25. Snyder, Suleikha Tikka Chance on Me (Tyson/Pinky)
  26. Sosa, Mia Crashing into Her (Love on Cue (Anthony/Eva)
  27. Vincy, Mia A Wicked Kind of Husband (Joshua/Cassandra)
  28. Vincy, Mia A Beastly Kind of Earl (Rafe/Thea)
  29. Weatherspoon, Rebekah Wrapped: A FIT Adjacent Christmas Novella (Aiden/Shae)
  30. Weatherspoon, Rebekah Rafe: A Buff Male Nanny (Rafe/Sloan)


Recommended books are in bold.

The (Shamefree) Tally 2019

  1. Shrimpton, Jayne Victorian Fashion

The (Shameful) Tally 2019

  1. Balogh, Mary Someone to Trust (Colin/Elizabeth)
  2. Balogh, Mary Someone to Honor (Gil/Abigail)
  3. Balogh, Mary Someone to Remember (Charles/Matilda)
  4. Blakeman, Aviva Stacked (Mags/Imogene)
  5. Blakeman, Aviva Say My Name (John/Zelda)
  6. Bowen, Sarina Brooklynaire (Nate/Rebecca) DNF
  7. Bowen, Sarina novella Studly Period (Pepe/Josephine)
  8. Bowen, Sarina novella Yesterday (Graham/Rikker)
  9. Bowen, Sarina, Speakeasy (Alec/Mae)
  10. Bowen, Sarina Fireworks (Benito/Skye)
  11. Dare, Tessa The Wallflower Wager (Gabriel/Penny)
  12. Dare, Tessa novella His Bride for the Taking (Sebastian/Mary)
  13. Kelly, Carla The Unlikely Master Genius (Able/Meridee)
  14. Kelly, Elizabeth Christmas Rescue (Elias/Ivy)
  15. Kennedy, Elle The Risk (Jake/Brenna)
  16. Kleypas, Lisa Devil’s Daughter (West/Phoebe)
  17. Lang Ruby Acute Reactions (Ian/Petra)
  18. Lang, Ruby Hard Knocks (Adam/Helen)
  19. Long, Julie Anne Lady Derring Takes a Lover (Tristan/Delilah)
  20. Long, Julie Anne Angel in a Devil’s Arms (Lucien/Angelique)
  21. Milan, Courtney Mrs. Martin’s Incomparable Adventure (Violetta/Bertrice)
  22. Morton, Lily Rule Breaker (Dylan/Gabe)
  23. Parker, Lucy The Austen Playbook (Griff/Freddy) – FANTASTIC
  24. Reid, Penny A Marriage of Inconvenience (Dan/Kat)
  25. Reid, Rachel Game Changer (Scott/Kip)
  26. Reid, Rachel Heated Rivalry (Ilya/Shane) – GREAT
  27. Thorne, Sally 99 Percent Mine (Tom/Darcy)
  28. Walker, N.R. novella Red Dirt Heart Imago (Charlie/Travis & Lawson/Jack)
  29. Walker, N.R. Switched (Israel/Sam)
  30. Walsh, Brighton Our Love Unhinged (Cade/Winter)
  31. Walsh, Brighton Second Chance Charmer (Cade/Winter)


Recommended books are in bold.

The (Shamefree) Tally 2018

  1. I managed ONE book in this category in 2017.

The (Shameful) Tally 2018 

  1. Albert, Annabeth Save the Date (Randall/Hunter)
  2. Balogh, Mary Someone to Hold (Joel/Camille)
  3. Balogh, Mary Someone to Wed (Alexander/Wren)
  4. Balogh, Mary Someone to Care (Marcel/Viola)
  5. Bourne, Phyllis Feud (Justice/Alexandra)
  6. Bourne, Phyllis Between a Honeymoon and a Hot Mess (Julian/Hope)
  7. Bowen, Kelly The Lady in Red (Flynn/Charlotte)
  8. Bowen, Sarina Bountiful (Dave/Zara)
  9. Bowen, Sarina Goodbye Paradise Joshua/Caleb)
  10. Bowen, Sarina/Eby, Tanya Man Hands (Tom/Brynn)
  11. Cole, Alyssa A Princess in Theory (Thabiso/Naledi)
  12. Dare, Tessa The Governess Game  (Chase/Alexandra)
  13. Crusie, Jennifer The Cinderella Deal (Lincoln/Daisy)
  14. Guillory, Jasmine The Wedding Date (Drew/Alexa)
  15. James, Eloisa Wilde in Love (Alaric/Willa)
  16. Kelly, Carla Mrs. McVinnie’s London Season (William/Jeannie)
  17. Kennedy, Elle The Chase (Fitz/Summer)
  18. Kleypas, Lisa Hello Stranger (Ethan/Garrett)
  19. Lauren, Christina Roomies (Calvin/Holland)
  20. Long, Julie Anne Malcolm and Isabel (Malcolm/Isabel)
  21. Long, Julie Anne Dirty Dancing at Devil’s Leap (Mac/Avalon)
  22. Maclean, Sarah The Day of the Duchess (Malcom/Seraphina)
  23. Malone, Nana Eye of the Beholder Logan(/Jezzie) DNF
  24. Milan, Courtney After the Wedding (Adrian/Camilla)
  25. Parker, Lucy Making Up (Leo/Trix)
  26. Rai, Alisha Hate to Want You: Forbidden Hearts (Nicholas and Livvy) DNF
  27. Reid, Penny Dr. Strangebeard (Roscoe/Simone)
  28. Sivec, Tara The Stocking Was Hung (Sam/Noel)
  29. Sivec, Tara Cupid Has a Heart-On (Sam/Noel)
  30. Sivec, Tara The Firework Exploded (Sam/Noel)
  31. Sivec, Tara The Bunny is Coming (Sam/Noel)
  32. Stone, Victoria Helen Jane Doe: A Novel (It’s all about Jane)
  33. Sunday, Anyta Leo Loves Aries (Theo/Jamie)
  34. Walker, N.R. A Very Henry Christmas (Henry/Reed)
  35. Zapata, Mariana From Lukov with Love (Ivan/Jasmine)
  36. Zapata, Mariana The Wall of Winnipeg and Me (Aiden/Vanessa)


Recommended books are in bold.

The (Shamefree) Tally 2017

  1. Remini, Leah Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology – enjoyable read and I am fascinated by Scientology

The (Shameful) Tally 2017 – Not a Stellar Year for Romance, To Be Honest

  1. Ann, Jewel E. When Life Happened (Gus/Parker) Interesting, not good.
  2. Barry, Emma & Genevieve Turner Star Dust (Christopher “Kit”/Anne-Marie)
  3. Barry, Emma & Genevieve Turner A Midnight Clear (Joe/Frances)
  4. Barry, Emma and Genevieve Turner A Midnight Kiss (Greg/Betty)
  5. Balogh, Mary A Matter of Class novella (Reggie/Annabelle)
  6. Blake, Liora True North (Trevor/Kate)
  7. Bowen, Sarina Hard Hitter (Patrick/Ari)
  8. Bowen, Sarina and Elle Kennedy Good Boy (Blake/Jessica)
  9. Bowen, Sarina and Elle Kennedy Stay (Matt/Hailey)
  10. Bowen, Sarina and Sarah Mayberry Temporary (Callan/Grace)
  11. Butler, Eden Thin Love (Kona/Keira) – 1st DNF of 2017, a dubious honour
  12. Callihan, Kristen The Hot Shot (Finn/Chess)
  13. Charles, K.J A Fashionable Indulgence (Harry/Julius)
  14. Chase, Loretta A Duke in Shining Armor: Difficult Dukes (Ripton/Olympia)
  15. Dare, Tessa Do You Want to Start a Scandal? (Piers/Charlotte)
  16. Dare, Tessa The Duchess Deal: Girl Meets Duke (Ash/Emma)
  17. Duran, Meredith A Lady’s Code of Misconduct (Crispin/Jane)
  18. Florand, Laura A Crown of Bitter Orange (Tristan/Malorie)
  19. Florand, Laura A Kiss in Lavender (Lucien/Elena)
  20. Florand, Laura Trust Me (Jake/Lina)
  21. Frank, Ella Devils’s Kiss (Jordan/Derek)
  22. Gale, Avon Power Play (Misha/Max)
  23. Halle, Karina Love in English (Mateo/Vera)
  24. Harlow, Melanie Man Candy (Quinn/Jamie)
  25. Harlow, Melanie If You Were Mine (Theo/Claire)
  26. Hawk,Jordan Widdershins (Percival/Griffin)
  27. Helmer, Tiffinie Mooseltoe (Reese/Holly)
  28. Higginson, Rachel The Opposite of You (Killian/Vera)
  29. Hunt, Sam J.D. Taken by Two (Rex, Nate, Penelope)
  30. Kent, Claire Escorted (Ander/Lori)
  31. Kleypas, Lisa Devil in Spring (Gabriel/Pandora)
  32. Lauren, Christina Beautiful (Jensen/Pippa)
  33. Lauren, Christina Dating You/Hating You (Carter/Eve)
  34. Lee, Geneva Catching Liam (Liam/Jillian)
  35. Lerner, Rose Promised Land novella (Nathan/Rachel)
  36. Milan, Courtney The Pursuit Of… (John/Henry)
  37. Miller, Jennifer Fighting Envy (Jackson/Rowan)
  38. Morgan, Rhenna Wild and Sweet (Zeke/Gabrielle)
  39. Parker, Lucy Pretty Face (Luc/Lily) BEST OF THE  YEAR!
  40. Preston, Maggie Sex and Insensibility (Will/Lara)
  41. Reid, Penny Dating-ish (Matt/Marie)
  42. Reid, Penny Beard in Mind (Beau/Shelly)
  43. Reid, Penny Kissing Tolstoy (Luca/Anna) HATED IT!
  44. Sage, May Scrooge McFuck (Bennet/Piper) – I read it for the title alone.
  45. Sebastian, Cat The Lawrence Browne Affair (Lawrence/Georgie)
  46. Satie, Erin The Secret Heart (Adam/Caro)
  47. Valente, Lili Hot as Puck (Justin/Libby)
  48. Walker, N.R. The Weight of It All (Henry/Reed)
  49. Walker, N.R. Sixty Five Hours (Cameron/Lucas)
  50. Walker, N.R. Learning to Feel (Nathan/Trent)
  51. Walker, N.R. Imago (Jack/Lawson)
  52. Walker, N.R. Imagines (Jack/Lawson)
  53. Walker, N.R. Twelfth of Never (Mark/Will)
  54. Walker, N.R. Red Dirt Heart (Charlie/Travis)
  55. Zapata, Mariana Wait for It (Dallas/Diana)
  56. Zapata, Mariana Dear Aaron (Aaron/Ruby)

Really Late 2016 Reviews:


Recommended books are in bold.

The (Shamefree) Tally 2016

Last year, this list had only one book and it was an Outlander graphic novel. I am proud of that, although I do have two glorious historical costume books to read and review.

The (Shameful) Tally 2016

  1. Albert, Annabeth Waiting for Clark (Bryce/Clark)
  2. Alvarez, Tracey In Too Deep (West/Piper)
  3. Andre, Bella The Way You Look Tonight (Rafe/Brooke)
  4. Ashley, Jennifer A Mackenzie Clan Gathering (Ian/Beth)
  5. Balogh, Mary Only a Kiss (Percy/Imogen)
  6. Balogh, Mary Only Beloved (George/Dora)
  7. Balogh, Mary Someone to Love (Avery/Anna)
  8. Balogh, Mary Irresistible (Nathanial/Sophia)
  9. Blake, Jennifer The Tuscan’s Revenge Wedding (Nico/Amanda)
  10. Bliss, Karina Play novella (Jared/Kayla)
  11. Bowen, Kelly Duke of My Heart (Max/Ivory)
  12. Bowen, Sarina and Elle Kennedy Us (Wes/Jamie)
  13. Bowen, Sarina Bittersweet (Griff/Audrey)
  14. Bowen, Sarina Keepsake (Zach/Lark)
  15. Bowen, Sarina Rookie Move (Leo/Georgia)
  16. Bryce, Megan To Catch a Spinster (Nathaniel/Olivia)
  17. Bryce, Megan To Tame a Dragon (Jameson/Amelia)
  18. Bryce, Megan To Tempt the Saint (George/Honora)
  19. Bryce, Megan  Some Like It Charming (Ethan/Mackenzie)
  20. Callihan, Kristen Idol (Killian/Libby)
  21. Charles, K.J. A Seditious Affair (Silas/Dominic)
  22. Chase, Loretta Dukes Prefer Blondes (Oliver “Raven”/Clara)
  23. Dee, Bonnie/Devon, Summer The Merchant and the Clergyman (James/Declan)
  24. Dee, Cara Noah (Noah/Julian)
  25. Doyle, Stephanie One Naughty Christmas Night novella (John/Kate)
  26. Duran, Meredith Sweetest Regret (Lucas/Georgie)
  27. Elliott, Taryn and Cari Quinn Manaconda (Hunter/Kennedy)
  28. Florand, Laura Snow-Kissed novella (Kurt/Kai)
  29. Florand, Laura Sun-Kissed novella (Mack/Anne, plus guest stars)
  30. Florand, Laura Chase Me (Chase/Violette)
  31. Frank, Ella Finley (Sunset Cove Series Book 1) (Brantley/Finn)
  32. Frost, Sosie Once Upon a Half-Time (Lachlan/Elle)
  33. Frost, Sosie Bad Boy’s Bridesmaid (Nate/Mandy)
  34. Garvis Graves, Tracey Heart-Shaped Hack (Ian/Kate) – Worst of the Year 2016
  35. Gray, Juliana The Duke of Olympia Meets His Match (Olympia/Penelope)
  36. Grey, R.S. The Summer Games: Settling the Score (Freddie/Andie)
  37. Harber, Cristin Sweet Girl (Cash/Nicola)
  38. Heyer, Georgette Venetia (Dameral/Venetia)
  39. Ivy, Alyssa Rose The Hazards of Skinny Dipping (Reed/Juliet)
  40. Jackson, A.L. A Stone in the Sea (Sebastian “Baz”/Shea)
  41. Jacobs, Mara In Too Deep (Lucas/Lily)
  42. James, Julie Suddenly One Summer (Ford/Victoria)
  43. Jordan, Lucia In Too Deep  (Crasher/Rayne)
  44. Kelly, Carla Beau Crusoe (James/Susannah)
  45. Kennedy, Elle The Score (Dean/Allie)
  46. Kennedy, Elle The Goal (Tuck/Sabrina)
  47. Kennedy, Elle and Vivian Arend All Fired Up (Parker/Lynn)
  48. Kleypas, Lisa I Will (Andrew/Caroline)
  49. Kleypas, Lisa Marrying Winterbourne (Rhys/Helen)
  50. Lauren, Christina Wicked Sexy Liar (Luke/London)
  51. Lauren, Christina A Not-Joe Not-So-Short Short (Not-Joe/Perry)
  52. Lauren, Christina Beautiful Boss (Will/Hanna)
  53. Leigh, Eva Forever Your Earl (Daniel/Eleanor)
  54. Leigh, Eva Scandal Takes the Stage (Cam/Maggie)
  55. Lin, Jeannie My Fair Concubine (Fei Long/Yan Ling)
  56. Lohmann, Jennifer Twelve Kisses Until Christmas novella (Marc/Selina)
  57. McCoy, Katie Play Me (Jake/Ella)
  58. MacLean, Sarah The Rogue Not Taken (King/Sophie)
  59. McQuiston, Jennifer Her Highland Fling (William/Penelope)
  60. Milan, Courtney Her Every Wish (Crash/Daisy)
  61. Milan, Courtney A Right Honorable Gentleman – short story (Edward/Catherine)
  62. Milan, Courtney The Year of the Crocodile (Blake/Tina & Adam Fucking Reynolds)
  63. Milan, Courtney Hold Me (Jay/Maria)
  64. Novark, Anna Marie The Doctor Wears a Stetson (Cameron/Jessie)
  65. O’Keefe, Molly Christmas Eve: A Love Story (Dean/Trina)
  66. Pamfiloff, Mimi Jean fugly (Maxwell/Lily)
  67. Parker, Lucy Act Like It (Richard/Lainie) READ ME!
  68. Reid, Penny Ninja at First Sight (Greg/Fiona)
  69. Reid, Penny Happily Ever Ninja (Greg/Fiona)
  70. Reid, Penny Grin and Beard It (Jethro/Sienna)
  71. Reid, Penny Beard Science (Cletus/Jennifer)
  72. Richland, Anna His Road Home novella (Rey/Grace)
  73. Riley, Sierra Guardian (Titus/Alex)
  74. Roberts, Holly S. Play: New Adult Sports Romance (Killian/Rebecca)
  75. Schurig, Rachel Ransom (Daltrey/Daisy)
  76. Shay, Kathryn In Too Deep (Gabe/Rachel)
  77. Singh, Nalini Rock Addiction (Fox/Molly) Worst of the Year Contender
  78. Stewart, Nicole Home for Three (Selwyn/Jack/Kess)
  79. Stone, Juliana Offside (Logan/Billie)
  80. Thorne, Sally The Hating Game (Josh/Lucy) READ ME! Best of the Year 2016!
  81. Vale, Vanessa Their Kidnapped Bride (Kane, Ian, Emma) Worst of the Year 2016?
  82. Valente, Lili Magnificent Bastard (Sebastian/Penny) BEST TITLE EVER?
  83. Verge, Lisa Ann Heaven in His Arms (Andre/Genevieve)
  84. Ward, HM Scandalous (Jack/Abby)
  85. Ward, Tracy Rookie Mistake  (Trey/Sloane)
  86. Zapata, Mariana Kulti (Reiner “Rey”/Sal)

Reviews of Pre-2016 Reads (More to Come)

  1. Lilley, R.K. In Flight (James/Bianca)
  2. Bryce, Megan To Wed the Widow (George/Elinor)

Name Tally June 27, 2015: Simon (9); Alec/Alex (8); James (8); Michael (8); Sebastian (7); William (7); Robert (6); Daniel (5); Jack (5); Benedict, Charles, Colin, Duncan, Edward, Gareth, Harry, Ian, John (4); Andrew, Blake, Gabriel, Jackson, Julian, Lucien, Marcus, Phillip, Phin/Finn, Rhys, Richard, Stephen, Tristan (3); and only one David.

Author Commentary and Reading Lists for 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012 (416 books between February 2012 and January 2, 2016)…

AUTHOR COMMENTARY: The Library/Cheap on Kindle List

Jennifer Ashley –  I love/hate her. An autobuy, if I’m being honest. – CATALOGUE LINK
Mary Balogh – Predictable, but safe, well-written, often lovely
Loretta Chase –  Reliable, sometimes great, wrote one of the all time classics
Meredith Duran – Great character studies
Suzanne Enoch – B+ list
Elizabeth Essex – Potential
Juliana Gray – B+ list, really strong, almost an autobuy
Cecilia Grant – interesting, massive potential, almost an autobuy
Lorraine Heath – B- list, so if there’s absolutely nothing else and it’s free, maybe
Eloisa James – B+ list, “I like Eloisa James, but never as much as I feel like I ought to like her.”
Carla Kelly – Sweet Regency romances, large back catalogue, newer work has Mormon themes
Caroline Linden – Great potential
Julia Quinn – An excellent place to launch your reading. Start with The Bridgertons
Penny Reid – Autobuyish, contemporary, charming and fun heroines, friendships, interesting heroes

Other Authors:
Victoria Alexander – Popular, funny, perfectly serviceable, but not quite.
Elizabeth Boyle – Clever, but I prefer a little more maturity in my protagonists.
Grace Burrows – Popular, plot moppety, into precious bodily fluids.
Gayle Callen – Too serious for my taste, nicely enough written, reasonably romantic.
Kresley Cole – Failed paranormal romance experiment, misogynistic
Gaelen Foley – She used the word “orifice” in a love scene.
Shana Galen – Perfectly pleasant, occasionally quite good, but nothing special Karen Hawkins – Too slow getting going.
Cheryl Holt – Fantastic banter but wildly, distractingly uneven tone, also sexist.
Elizabeth Hoyt – Very popular, not my taste, a little rough for my delicate sensibilities
Sophie Jordan – Consummation on the floor of a rat infested cellar and they were not locked in
Kieran Kramer – Bland. If You Give a Girl a Viscount.
Stephanie Laurens – Tried in 2012. 30 page love scenes. Don’t do it.
Kate Noble – Very good, just not my style: Regency spies, mostly chaste.

Malin has excellent reviews on her site, and a broader range of books.

My Favourite Characters

Reading Lists for 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012 (416 books between February 2012 and January 2, 2016):

The (Shamefree) Tally 2015

  1. Gabaldon, Diana The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel  Illustrated by Hoang Nguyen

The (Shameful) Tally 2015

  1. Alexander, R.G. Ravenous novella (Declan/Trick/Jennifer)
  2. Balogh, Mary The Proposal – Survivors Club (Hugo/Gwen)
  3. Balogh, Mary Only Enchanting – Survivors’ Club (Flavian/Agnes)
  4. Balogh, Mary Only a Promise – Survivors Club (Ralph/Chloe)
  5. Banner, Darryl Dog Tags (Brandon/Jesse)
  6. Bennett, Sawyer Alex: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel (Alex/Sutton)
  7. Berg, J.L When You’re Ready (Logan/Clare)
  8. Bettencourt, Rick Marketing Beef (Evan/Dillon) BEST TITLE EVER!
  9. Bliss, Chelle Throttle Me – Men of Inked Book 1 (“City” Joey/Suzy)
  10. Bowen, Sarina Coming In from the Cold (Dane/Willow)
  11. Bowen, Sarina The Year We Fell Down (Hartley/Corey)
  12. Bowen, Sarina The Year We Hid Away (Bridger/Scarlet)
  13. Bowen, Sarina Blonde Date novella (Andy/Katie) CLASSIC
  14. Bowen, Sarina The Understatement of the Year (Graham/Rikker)
  15. Bowen, Sarina The Shameless Hour (Rafe/Bella)
  16. Bowen, Sarina The Fifteenth Minute (DJ/Lianne)
  17. Bowen, Sarina and Elle Kennedy Him (Wes/Jamie)
  18. Burrows, Grace Douglas, Lord of Heartache (Douglas/Guinevere)
  19. Bryce, Megan To Wed the Widow (George/Elinor)
  20. Caldwell, Christi Forever Betrothed, Never the Bride (Drake/Emmaline)
  21. Calhoun, Anne Liberating Lacey (Hunter/Lacey)
  22. Callihan, Kristen The Hook Up (Drew/Anna)
  23. Callihan, Kristen The Friend Zone (Gray/Ivy)
  24. Callihan, Kristen The Game Plan (Ethan/Fiona)
  25. Calmes, Mary A Piece of Cake novella (Jory/Sam)
  26. Darcy, Norma The Bluestocking and the Rake (Robert/Georgiana)
  27. Dare, Tessa When a Scot Ties the Knot (Logan/Madeline)
  28. Dare, Tessa Lord Dashwood Missed Out novella (Dash/Elinora)
  29. Dev, Sonali A Bollywood Affair (Samir/Mili)
  30. Dune, Lyla Low Tide Bikini (Brock/Sam)
  31. Duran, Meredith Lady Be Good (Christian/Lilah)
  32. Duran, Meredith Luck Be a Lady (Nick/Catherine)
  33. Falkner, Tammy Tall, Tatted, and Tempting (Logan/Kit)
  34. Falkner, Tammy Smart, Sexy, and Secretive (Logan/Emily)
  35. Florand, Laure A Rose in Winter novella (Raoul/Allegra)
  36. Florand, Laura Once Upon a Rose (Matthieu/Layla)
  37. Florand, Laura A Wish Upon Jasmine (Damien/Jasmin)
  38. Florand, Laura All’s Fair in Love and Chocolate novella (Simon/Ellie)
  39. Florand, Laura All for You (Joss/Celie) read The Chocolate Touch first
  40. Ford, Rhys Sinner’s Gin (Kane/Miki)
  41. Frank, Ella Try (Logan/Tate)
  42. Frank, Ella Trust (Logan/Tate)
  43. Grant, Cecilia A Christmas Gone Perfectly Wrong  novella (Andrew/Lucy)
  44. Guhrke, Laura Lee And Then He Kissed Her (Harry/Emma)
  45. Guhrke, Laura Lee Catch a Falling Heiress (Jack/Linnet)
  46. Hart, Riley Collide (Cooper/Noah)
  47. Hawkins, J.D. Insatiable 1 and 2 (Jax/Lizzie)
  48. Heath, Lorraine Falling Into Bed with a Duke (Ashe/Minerva)
  49. James, Eloisa Desperate Duchesses (Damon/Roberta)
  50. James, Eloisa An Affair Before Christmas (Fletcher/Poppy)
  51. James, Eloisa Duchess by Night (Jem/Harriet)
  52. James, Eloisa This Duchess of Mine (Elijah/Jemma)
  53. James, Eloisa A Duke of Her Own ( Leopold/Eleanor)
  54. James, Eloisa The Duke Is Mine (Quin/Olivia)
  55. James, Eloisa The Ugly Duchess (James/Theo)
  56. James, Eloisa Three Weeks with Lady X (Thorn/India)
  57. James, Margaret The Silver Locket (Alex/Rose)
  58. Jaymes, River Brad’s Bachelor Party (Brad/Cole)
  59. Jaymes, River The Backup Boyfriend (Alec/Dylan)
  60. Jaymes, River The Boyfriend Mandate (Memphis/Tyler)
  61. Johnson, Julie Not You, It’s Me (Chase/Gemma)
  62. Kelly, Carla Libby’s London Merchant (Anthony/Libby)
  63. Kelly, Carla One Good Turn (Nez/Liria)
  64. Kennedy, Elle One Night of Sin (Gage/Skylar)
  65. Kennedy, Elle One Night of Scandal (Reed/Darcy)
  66. Kennedy, Elle The Deal (Garrett/Hannah)
  67. Kennedy, Elle The Mistake (Logan/Grace)
  68. Kelly, Carla With the Ring (Sam/Lydia)
  69. Kelly, Carla Marrying the Captain (Oliver/Nana)
  70. Kelly, Carla The Surgeon’s Lady (Philemon/Laura)
  71. Kelly, Carla Marrying the Royal Marine (Hugh/Polly)
  72. Kelly, Carla The Admiral’s Penniless Bride (Charles/Sophia)
  73. Kelly, Carla The Wedding Journey (Jesse/Nell)
  74. Kennedy, Sean Tigers and Devils (Simon/Declan)
  75. Kleypas, Lisa Cold-Hearted Rake (Devon/Kathleen)
  76. Lauren, Christina Beautiful Beloved novella (Max/Sara)
  77. Lauren, Christina Beautiful Secret (Niall/Ruby)
  78. Lauren, Christina Sweet Filthy Boy (Ansel/Mia)
  79. Lauren, Christina Dirty Rowdy Thing (Finn/Harlow)
  80. Lauren, Christina Dark Wild Night (Oliver/Lola)
  81. Lerner, Rose Sweet Disorder (Nick/Phoebe)
  82. Lilley, R.K. In Flight (James/Bianca)
  83. Linden, Caroline When I Met My Duchess novella (Gareth/Cleo)
  84. Linden, Caroline All’s Fair in Love and Scandal novella (Douglas/Madeline)
  85. Long, Andie M. The Alphabet Game (Gabe/Stella)
  86. Long, Julie Anne It Started with a Scandal (Phillipe/Elise)
  87. Long, Julie Anne The Legend of Lyon Redmond (Lyon/Olivia)
  88. Lowe, Fiona Boomerang Bride (Marc/Mathilda)
  89. Lund, S.E. The Agreement (Drake/Kate)
  90. Lyons, Kathy Two Week Seduction (John/Alea)
  91. Mabie, M. Bait (Casey/Blake)
  92. Malone, M. Tank (“Tank” Tanner/Emma)
  93. March, Meghan Beneath This Mask (Simon/Charlie)
  94. Merrow, J.L Muscling Through (Al/Larry)
  95. Montgomery, L.M. The Blue Castle (Valancy/Barney)
  96. Milan, Courtney Trade Me (Blake/Tina)
  97. Milan, Courtney Once Upon a Marquess (Christian/Judith)
  98. Northcote, Jay First Class Package novella (Jim/Patrick)
  99. O’Reilly, Kathleen Sex, Straight Up (Daniel/Catherine)
  100. O’Reilly Kathleen Hot Under Pressure (David/Ashley)
  101. Quinn, Julia The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy Smythe-Smith Book 4 (Richard/Iris)
  102. Phillips, Susan Elizabeth Heroes Are My Weakness (Theo/Annie)
  103. Reid, Penny Friends Without Benefits (Nico/Elizabeth)
  104. Reid, Penny Beauty and the Mustache (Drew/Ashley)
  105. Reid, Penny Scenes from the City: A Knitting in the City Surprise
  106. Reid, Penny Truth or Beard (Duane/Jessica)
  107. Reid, Penny Elements of Chemistry (Martin/Kaitlyn)
  108. Reid, Penny & L.H. Cosway The Hooker and the Hermit (Ronan/Annie)
  109. Robert, Katee Wrong Bed, Right Guy (Gabe/Elle)
  110. Simonson, Sheilia Bar Sinister (Richard/Emily)
  111. Ward, JR Dark Lover (Wrath/Beth) – WORST OF THE YEAR
  112. York, Sara Pray the Gay Away (A Southern Thing Book 1) (Jack/Andrew)
  113. Young, Luke Friends with Partial Benefits (Brian/Jillian)

Reviews of Pre-2015 Reads:

  1. Ashley, Jennifer Rules for a Proper Governess (Sinclair/Roberta “Bertie”)
  2. Dare, Tessa How to Catch a Wild Viscount (Luke/Cecily)
  3. Dare, Tessa Say Yes to the Marquess (Rafe/Clio)
  4. Donati, Sara Into the Wilderness  (Nathaniel/Elizabeth)
  5. Florand, Laura Shadowed Heart (Luc/Summer)
  6. Kleypas, Lisa Again the Magic (McKenna/Aline)
  7. Linden, Caroline What Happens in London (Edward/Francesca)
  8. Linden, Caroline Blame It on Bath (Gerard/Kate)
  9. Milan, Courtney Talk Sweetly to Me (Stephen/Rose)
  10. Quinn, Julia Romancing Mr. Bridgerton (Colin/Penelope)
  11. Quinn, Julia It’s in His Kiss (Gareth/Hyacinth)

The (Shamefree) Tally 2014 Longbourn – Jo Baker Written in My Own Heart’s Blood – Diana Gabaldon – Outlander Book 8 Wonderstruck – Brian Selznick The (Shameful) Tally 2014 – Almost Exclusively Historical Romances – After the Jump

  1. The Importance of Being Wicked – Victoria Alexander (Winfield/Miranda)
  2. Lord Stillwell’s Excellent Engagements – Victoria Alexander novella (Winfield/Felicia and Lucy and Caroline)
  3. Scandal and the Duchess – Jennifer Ashley novella (Steven/Rose)
  4. Rules for a Proper Governess – Jennifer Ashley (Sinclair/Roberta “Bertie”)
  5. The Arrangement – Survivors’ Club Mary Balogh (Vincent/Sophia)
  6. The Escape Survivors’ Club – Mary Balogh (Benedict/Samantha)
  7. Nothing to Commend Her – Jo Barrett (Magnus/Agatha)
  8. Jacob’s Return – Annette Blair (Jacob/Rachel)
  9. Ridiculous – DL Carter (Timothy/Millicent)
  10. Vixen in Velvet – Loretta Chase (Simon, Lord Lisburne/Leonie)
  11. Wallbanger – Alice Clayton (Simon/Caroline)
  12. How to Catch a Wild Viscount – Tessa Dare novella (Luke/Cecily)
  13. Romancing the Duke – Tessa Dare (Ransom/Izzy)
  14. Say Yes to the Marquess – Tessa Dare (Rafe/Clio)
  15. Into the Wilderness – Sara Donati (Nathaniel/Elizabeth)
  16. Bound by Your Touch Meredith Duran (James/Lydia)
  17. Written on Your Skin – Meredith Duran (Phin/Mina)
  18. Your Wicked Heart – Meredith Duran novella (Ripton/Amanda)
  19. Fool Me Twice – Meredith Duran (Alaistair/Olivia)
  20. The Devil Wears Kilts – Suzanne Enoch (Ranulf/Charlotte)
  21. A Breath of Scandal – Elizabeth Essex (Will/Antigone)
  22. The Chocolate Heart – Laura Florand (Luc/Summer)
  23. The Chocolate Temptation – Laura Florand (Patrick/Sarah)
  24. The Shadowed Heart – Laura Florand (Luc/Summer again, plus everyone else)
  25. Sisters in Love – Melissa Foster (Blake/Danica) – WORST OF THE YEAR?
  26. When a Duke Says I Do – Jane Goodger (Alexander/Elsie)
  27. A Lady Never Lies – Juliana Gray (Finn/Alexandra)
  28. A Gentleman Never Tells – Juliana Gray (Roland/Lilibet)
  29. A Duke Never Yields – Juliana Gray (Wallingford/Abigail)
  30. How to Tame Your Duke – Juliana Gray (Ashland/Emilie)
  31. How to Master Your Marquis – Juliana Gray (Hatherfield/Stefanie)
  32. How to School Your Scoundrel – Juliana Gray (Somerton/Luisa)
  33. When the Marquess Met His Match – Laura Lee Guhrke (Nicholas/Belinda)
  34. How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days – Laura Lee Guhrke (Stuart/Edie)
  35. As an Earl Desires – Lorraine Heath (Archie/Camilla)
  36. In Bed with the Devil – Lorraine Heath (Luke/Catherine)
  37. Between the Devil and Desire – Lorraine Heath (Jack/Olivia)
  38. Surrender to the Devil – Lorraine Heath (Sterling/Frannie)
  39. Midnight Pleasures with a Scoundrel – Lorraine Heath (James/Eleanor)
  40. The Last Wicked Scoundrel – Lorraine Heath novella (William and Winnie)
  41. Passions of a Wicked Earl – Lorraine Heath (Westcliffe/Claire)
  42. Pleasures with a Notorious Gentleman – Lorraine Heath (Stephen/Mercy)
  43. Waking Up with the Duke – Lorraine Heath (Ainsley/Jayne)
  44. Deck the Halls with Love – Lorraine Heath novella (Chetwyn/Meredith)
  45. When the Duke was Wicked – Lorraine Heath (Lovingdon/Grace)
  46. Once More, My Darling Rogue – Lorraine Heath (Drake/Ophelia “Phee”)
  47. Compromising Miss Tisdale – Jessica Jefferson (Duncan/Ambrosia[!])
  48. Beautiful Bastard – Christina Lauren (Bennett/Chloe)
  49. Beautiful Bitch – Christina Lauren novella (Bennett/Chloe)
  50. Beautiful Stranger – Christina Lauren (Max/Sara)
  51. Beautiful Bombshell – Christina Lauren novella (Bennett/Chloe and Max/Sara)
  52. Beautiful Player – Christina Lauren (Will/Hanna)
  53. Beautiful Beginning – Christina Lauren novella (Bennett/Chloe)
  54. It Takes a Scandal – Caroline Linden (Sebastian/Abigail)
  55. Beauty and the Spy – Julie Anne Long (Kit/Susannah)
  56. Ways to Be Wicked – Julie Anne Long (Tom/Sylvie)
  57. The Secret to Seduction – Julie Anne Long (Rhys/Sabrina)
  58. Between the Devil and Ian Eversea – Julie Anne Long (Ian/Tansy)
  59. Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover – Sarah MacLean (Duncan/Georgiana)
  60. The Suffragette Scandal – Courtney Milan (Edward/Free) IF YOU READ ONLY ONE…
  61. Talk Sweetly to Me – Courtney Milan (Stephen/Rose)
  62. It Had to Be You – Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Dan/Phoebe)
  63. Nobody’s Baby but Mine – Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Cal/Jane)
  64. This Heart of Mine – Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Kevin/Molly) – WORST HEROINE OF THE YEAR
  65. Match Me If You Can – Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Heath/Annabelle)
  66. Natural Born Charmer – Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Dean/Blue)
  67. The Sum of All Kisses – Julia Quinn (Hugh/Sarah)
  68. Neanderthal Seeks Human – Penny Reid (Quinn/Janie)
  69. Neanderthal Marries Human – Penny Reid (Quinn/Janie)
  70. Love Hacked – Penny Reid (Alex/Sandra)
  71. The Wicked Wallflower – Maya Rodale (Blake/Emma)
  72. Season for Temptation – Theresa Romain (James/Julia)
  73. Season for Surrender – Theresa Romain (Alex/Louisa)
  74. Season for Scandal – Theresa Romain (Jane/Edmund)
  75. Season for Desire – Theresa Romain (Giles/Audrina)
  76. The Dressmaker’s Duke – Jess Russell (Rhys/Olivia)
  77. The Secret History of the Pink Carnation – Lauren Willig (Richard/Amy)
  78. The Seduction of the Crimson Rose – Lauren Willig (Vaughn/Mary)



  1. 100 Dresses from The Costume Institute The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  2. Summer – Edith Wharton
  3. Victorian Fashions and Costumes from Harper’s Bazar 1867-1898 edited by Stella Blum
  4. Victorian and Edwardian Fashions from “La Mode Illustree” edited by JoAnne Ollan
  5. Victorian Fashions: A Pictorial Archive selected and arranged by Carol Belanger Grafton
  6. Fashion: The Definitive History of Costume and Style DK Smithsonian
  7. Savage Beauty: Alexander McQueen – edited by Andrew Bolton
  8. Dangerous Books For Girls: The Bad Reputation Of Romance Novels Explained – Maya Rodale


  1. Love with the Proper Husband – Victoria Alexander (Marcus/Gwen)
  2. Lady Amelia’s Secret Lover – Victoria Alexander novella (Robert/Amelia)
  3. The Prince’s Bride – Victoria Alexander (Rand/Jocelyn)
  4. Bodyguard (Shifters Unbound) – Jennifer Ashley novella (Ronan/Elizabeth)
  5. The Untamed Mackenzie – Jennifer Ashley novella (Lloyd/Louisa)
  6. The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie – Jennifer Ashley (Daniel/Violet)
  7. A Handful of Gold – Mary Balogh (Julian/Verity) – ROMANCE REVIEW TEMPLATE
  8. Once a Duchess – Elizabeth Boyce (Marshall/Isabelle)
  9. Along Came a Duke – Elizabeth Boyle (Preston/Tabitha)
  10. And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake – Elizabeth Boyle (Henry/Daphne)
  11. When She Said I Do – Celeste Bradley (Lawrence, called Ren/Calliope)
  12. The Other Guy’s Bride – Connie Brockway (Jim/Ginesse)
  13. Highland Surrender – Tracy Brogan (Myles/Fiona)
  14. To Love a Thief – Darcy Burke (Daniel/Jocelyn)
  15. Return of the Viscount – Gayle Callen (Michael/Cecilia)
  16. Not My Wolf – Eden Cole novella (Corey/Devin)
  17. The Warlord Wants Forever – Kresley Cole (Nikolai/Myst the Coveted) THUNDER SEX™!
  18. A Hunger Like No Other – Kresley Cole (Lachlain/Emma)
  19. No Rest for the Wicked – Kresley Cole (Sebastian/Kaderin the Coldhearted) THUNDER SEX™!
  20. Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night – Kresley Cole (Bowen/Mariketa the Awaited) THUNDER SEX™!
  21. Dark Deed’s at Night’s Edge – Kresley Cole (Conrad/Neomi) THUNDER SEX™!
  22. Dark Desires After Dusk – Kresley Cole (Cadeon/Holly) – THUNDER SEX™!
  23. Kiss of a Demon King – Kresley Cole (Rydstrom/Sabine) – 80%
  24. Deep Kiss of Winter – Kresley Cole (Murdoch/Daniela the Ice Maiden) THUNDER SEX™!
  25. Lothaire – Kresley Cole (Lothaire/Ellie)
  26. Macrieve – Kresley Cole (Uilliam/Chloe) – 50% VILEST
  27. Shadow’s Claim – Kresley Cole (Trehan/Bettina)
  28. Welcome to Temptation – Jennifer Crusie (Phin/Sophie)
  29. Bet Me – Jennifer Crusie (Calvin/Minerva)
  30. Beauty and the Blacksmith – Tessa Dare (Aaron/Diana)
  31. Any Duchess Will Do – Tessa Dare (Griffin/Pauline)
  32. Undone – Lila DiPasqua (Simon/Angelica) *Worst of the Year*
  33. That Scandalous Summer – Meredith Duran (Michael/Elizabeth)
  34. Reforming a Rake – Suzanne Enoch (Lucien/Alexandra)
  35. Meet Me at Midnight – Suzanne Enoch (Sinclair “Sin”/Victoria “Vixen”)
  36. A Matter of Scandal – Suzanne Enoch (Grey/Emma)
  37. The Rake – Suzanne Enoch (Tristan/Georgiana)
  38. England’s Perfect Hero – Suzanne Enoch (Robert/Lucinda)
  39. Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke – Suzanne Enoch (Adam/Sophia)
  40. The Chocolate Thief – Laura Florand (Sylvain/Cade)
  41. The Chocolate Kiss – Laura Florand (Philippe/Magalie)
  42. The Chocolate Rose – Laura Florand (Gabriel/Jolie)
  43. The Chocolate Touch – Laura Florand (Dominique/Jaime)
  44. The Scottish Prisoner – Diana Gabaldon (Jamie, but no Claire)
  45. When You Give a Duke a Diamond – Shana Galen (Will/Juliette)
  46. The Lion’s Lady – Julie Garwood (Lyon/Christina)
  47. A Woman Entangled – Cecilia Grant (Nick/Kate)
  48. More Than Friends – Aria Grace (Ryan/Zach)
  49. A Duke of Her Own – Lorraine Heath (“Hawk”, Duke of Hawkhurst/Louisa)
  50. Lord of Wicked Intentions – Lorraine Heath (Rafe/Evelyn)
  51. Sweet Surrender – Cheryl Holt (Jackson/Grace)
  52. The Ice Princess – Elizabeth Hoyt novella (Isaac/Coral)
  53. Scandalous Desires – Elizabeth Hoyt (Michael/Silence)
  54. The Proposition – Judith Ivory (Mick/Winnie)
  55. Winning the Wallflower – Eloisa James novella (Cyrus/Lucy)
  56. With This Kiss – Eloisa James novella (Colin/Grace)
  57. Something About You – Julie James (Jack/Cameron)
  58. About That Night – Julie James (Kyle/Rylann)
  59. Love Irresistibly – Julie James (Cade/Brooke)
  60. Indigo – Beverly Jenkins (Galen/Hester)
  61. Always and Forever – Beverly Jenkins (Jackson/Grace)
  62. Night Hawk – Beverly Jenkins (Ian/Maggie)
  63. Attracting Anthony – Amber Kell (Silver/Anthony)
  64. Miss Whittier Makes a List – Carla Kelly (Daniel/Hannah)
  65. Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand – Carla Kelly (Fletcher/Roxanna)
  66. Reforming Lord Ragsdale – Carla Kelly (John/Emma)
  67. The Lady’s Companion – Carla Kelly (David/Emma)
  68. Flowers from the Storm – Laura Kinsale (Christian/Maddy)
  69. Lazy Sundays – K-Lee Klein novella (Devon/Scott)
  70. Sugar Daddy – Lisa Kleypas (Gage/Liberty)
  71. Blue-Eyed Devil – Lisa Kleypas (Hardy/Haven)
  72. Smooth Talking Stranger – Lisa Kleypas (Jack/Ella)
  73. Wedded in Scandal – Jade Lee (Robert/Helaine)
  74. The Truth About Love – Caroline Linden short story (Damien/Miranda)
  75. Love and Other Scandals – Caroline Linden (Tristan/Joan)
  76. The Revenge of Lord Eberlin – Julia London (Tobin/Lily)
  77. The Runaway Duke – Julie Anne Long (Connor/Rebecca)
  78. It Happened One Midnight – Julie Anne Long (Jonathon/”Tommy” Thomasina)
  79. Married by Midnight – Julianne MacLean novella (Garrett/Anne)
  80. One Good Earl Deserves a Lover – Sarah MacLean (Cross/Pippa)
  81. No Good Duke Goes Unpunished – Sarah MacLean (Temple/Mara)
  82. An Introduction to Pleasure: Mistress Matchmaker – Jess Michaels (Andrew/Lysandra!)
  83. This Wicked Gift – Courtney Milan (William/Lavinia)
  84. The Heiress Effect – Courtney Milan (Oliver/Jane, bonus Anjan/Emily)
  85. The Countess Conspiracy – Courtney Milan (Sebastian/Violet)
  86. If I Fall – Kate Noble (Jackson/Sarah)
  87. Passion and Pride – Amelia Nolan (Evan/Marian)
  88. A Man Above Reproach – Evelyn Pryce (Elias/Josephine)
  89. How to Marry a Marquis – Julia Quinn (James/Elizabeth)
  90. On the Way to the Wedding – Julia Quinn (Gregory/Lucy)
  91. The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After – Julia Quinn (Everyone, even Violet)
  92. Seducing Miss Dunaway – Kate Rothwell novella (Fell, Lord Fellington/Mary)
  93. The Lady’s Tutor – Robin Schone (Ramiel, The Bastard Sheikh/Elizabeth)
  94. The Luckiest Lady in London – Sherry Thomas (Felix/Louisa)
  95. Penelope – Anya Wylde (Charles/Penelope) *Most Inept of the Year*


  1. In the Arms of a Marquess – Katharine Ashe (Ben)
  2. The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie – Jennifer Ashley (Ian, not surprisingly)
  3. Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage – Jennifer Ashley (Mac)
  4. Many Sins of Lord Cameron – Jennifer Ashley (Cameron) – GUILTY PLEASURE
  5. The Duke’s Perfect Wife – Jennifer Ashley (Hart)
  6. Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect Gift – Jennifer Ashley (Ian, Mac, Cam, Hart)
  7. The Seduction of Elliott McBride – Jennifer Ashley (Elliott)
  8. Simply Perfect – Mary Balogh (Joseph)
  9. Simply Love – Mary Balogh (Sydnam)
  10. Slightly Scandalous – Mary Balogh (Joshua)
  11. Slightly Dangerous – Mary Balogh (Wulfric, no, seriously, WULFRIC)
  12. The Soldier – Grace Burrowes (Devlin)
  13. Lady Sophia’s Christmas Wish – Grace Burrowes (Vim/Wilhelm)
  14. Miss Wonderful – Loretta Chase (Alistair)
  15. Mr. Impossible – Loretta Chase (Rupert)
  16. Lord Perfect – Loretta Chase (Benedict)
  17. Not Quite a Lady – Loretta Chase (Darius)
  18. Last Night’s Scandal – Loretta Chase (Lord Lisle)
  19. Captives of the Night – Loretta Chase (Ismal)
  20. Lord of Scoundrels – Loretta Chase (Sebastian, Marquess of Dain)
  21. The Last Hellion – Loretta Chase (Vere)
  22. Silk Is for Seduction – Loretta Chase (Lord Clevedon/Gervase)
  23. Scandal Wears Satin – Loretta Chase (Lord Longmore/Harry)
  24. One Dance with a Duke – Tessa Dare (Spencer)
  25. Twice Tempted by a Rogue – Tessa Dare (Rhys)
  26. Three Nights with a Scoundrel – Tessa Dare (Julian)
  27. The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright – Tessa Dare novella (Harry)
  28. A Night to Surrender – Tessa Dare (Bram)
  29. Once Upon a Winter’s Eve – Tessa Dare novella (Christian)
  30. A Week to Be Wicked – Tessa Dare (Colin)
  31. A Lady by Midnight – Tessa Dare (Samuel)
  32. The Duke’s Tattoo – Miranda Davis (Ainsworth)
  33. The Duchess – Jude Deveraux (Trevelyan)
  34. Almost Perfect – Denise Domning (Lucien)
  35. A Lady’s Lesson in Scandal – Meredith Duran (Simon)
  36. Wicked Becomes You – Meredith Duran (Alex)
  37. Always a Scoundrel: The Notorious Gentlemen – Suzanne Enoch (Bramwell)
  38. A Beginner’s Guide to Rakes – Suzanne Enoch (Oliver)
  39. Taming an Impossible Rogue – Suzanne Enoch (Keating)
  40. Rules of an Engagement – Suzanne Enoch (Shaw)
  41. A Lady’s Guide to Improper Behaviour – Suzanne Enoch (Tolly/Bartholomew)
  42. To Challenge the Earl of Cravenswood – Bronwen Evans novella (Henry) (God awful)
  43. Outlander – Diana Gabaldon (Jamie/Claire)
  44. Dragonfly in Amber – Diana Gabaldon (Jamie/Claire)
  45. Voyager – Diana Gabaldon (Jamie/Claire)
  46. Drums of Autumn – Diana Gabaldon (Jamie/Claire)
  47. The Fiery Cross – Diana Gabaldon (Jamie/Claire)
  48. A Breath of Snow and Ashes – Diana Gabaldon (Jamie/Claire)
  49. An Echo in the Bone – Diana Gabaldon (Jamie/Claire)
  50. Saving Grace – Julie Garwood (Gabriel)
  51. The Gift – Julie Garwood (Nathan/Sara)
  52. Ransom – Julie Garwood (Brodick)
  53. Honour’s Splendour – Julie Garwood (Duncan)
  54. Prince Charming – Julie Garwood (Lucas)
  55. The Bride – Julie Garwood (Alec)
  56. A Gentleman Undone – Cecilia Grant (Will)
  57. Scandal of the Year – Linda Lee  Guhrke (Aidan)
  58. The Wild One – Danelle Harmon (Gareth)
  59. The Wicked One – Danelle Harmon (Lucien, I know)
  60. She Tempts the Duke – Lorraine Heath (Sebastian)
  61. Lord of Temptation – Lorraine Heath (Tristan)
  62. The Raven Prince – Elizabeth Hoyt (Edward)
  63. How to Woo a Reluctant Lady – Sabrina Jeffries (Giles)
  64. One Starlit Night – Carolyn Jewel novella (Crispin)
  65. Surrender – Lisa Kleypas novella (Jason)
  66. Stranger in My Arms – Lisa Kleypas (Hunter)
  67. Suddenly You – Lisa Kleypas (Jack)
  68. Then Came You – Lisa Kleypas (Alex)
  69. Dreaming of You – Lisa Kleypas (Derek)
  70. Where’s My Hero – Lisa Kleypas Novella (Jake, but actually read for Derek)
  71. Somewhere I’ll Find You – Lisa Kleypas (Damon, Lord Savage [!])
  72. Because You’re Mine – Lisa Kleypas (Logan)
  73. Where Dreams Begin – Lisa Kleypas (Zachary)
  74. Someone to Watch Over Me – Lisa Kleypas (Grant)
  75. Lady Sophia’s Lover – Lisa Kleypas (Ross)
  76. Worth Any Price – Lisa Kleypas (Nick)
  77. Again the Magic – Lisa Kleypas (McKenna with a bonus Gideon)
  78. Secrets of a Summer Night – Lisa Kleypas (Simon)
  79. It Happened One Autumn – Lisa Kleypas (Marcus)
  80. The Devil in Winter – Lisa Kleypas (Sebastian)
  81. Scandal in the Spring – Lisa Kleypas (Matthew)
  82. A Wallflower Christmas – Lisa Kleypas (Rafe, but really Sebastian & Simon)
  83. Mine till Midnight – Lisa Kleypas (Cam)
  84. Seduce Me at Sunrise – Lisa Kleypas (Merripen)
  85. Tempt Me at Twilight – Lisa Kleypas (Harry)
  86. Married by Morning – Lisa Kleypas (Leo)
  87. Love in the Afternoon – Lisa Kleypas (Christopher)
  88. Temptation and Surrender – Stephanie Laurens (Jonas)
  89. An Ideal Bride – Stephanie Laurens (Michael)
  90. One Night in London – Caroline Linden (Edward)
  91. Blame It on Bath – Caroline Linden (Gerard)
  92. The Way to a Duke’s Heart – Caroline Linden (Charlie)
  93. The Heir – Johanna Lindsey (Duncan)
  94. To Love a Thief – Julie Anne Long (Gideon)
  95. The Perils of Pleasure – Julie Anne Long (Colin/Madeline)
  96. Like No Other Lover – Julie Anne Long (Miles/Cynthia)
  97. Since the Surrender – Julie Anne Long (Chase/Rosamund)
  98. I Kissed an Earl – Julie Anne Long (Asher)
  99. What I Did for a Duke – Julie Anne Long (Alex/Genevieve) CLASSIC
  100. How the Marquess Was Won – Julie Anne Long (Julian/Jules)
  101. A Notorious Countess Confesses – Julie Anne Long (Adam/Evie)
  102. Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake – Sarah MacLean (Gabriel/Calpurnia)
  103. Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke’s Heart – Sarah MacLean (Simon)
  104. A Rogue by Any Other Name – Sarah MacLean (Michael/Penelope)
  105. Proof by Seduction – Courtney Milan (Gareth/Jenny)
  106. Trial By Desire – Courtney Milan (Ned)
  107. The Lady Always Wins – Courtney Milan novella (Simon)
  108. Unveiled – Courtney Milan (Ash/Margaret)
  109. Unclaimed – Courtney Milan (Mark/Jessica)
  110. Unraveled – Courtney Milan (Smite/Miranda)
  111. Unlocked – Courtney Milan Novella (Evan)
  112. The Governess Affair – Courtney Milan Novella (Hugo/Serena)
  113. What Happened at Midnight – Courtney Milan novella (John)
  114. The Duchess War – Courtney Milan (Robert/Minerva)
  115. A Kiss for Midwinter – Courtney Milan novella (Jonas/Lydia)
  116. Almost Heaven – Judith McNaught (Ian)
  117. Something Wonderful – Judith McNaught (Jason)
  118. The Rake – Mary Jo Putney (Reggie)
  119. Everything and the Moon – Julia Quinn (Robert)
  120. Brighter Than the Sun – Julia Quinn (Charles)
  121. The Duke and I – Julia Quinn (Simon/Daphne)
  122. The Viscount Who Loved Me – Julia Quinn (Anthony/Kate)
  123. An Offer from a Gentleman – Julia Quinn (Benedict/Sophy)
  124. Romancing Mr. Bridgerton – Julia Quinn (Colin/Penelope)
  125. When He Was Wicked – Julia Quinn (Michael/Francesca)
  126. It’s In His Kiss – Julia Quinn (Gareth/Hyacinth)
  127. What Happens In London – Julia Quinn (Harry)
  128. Ten Things I Love About You – Julia Quinn (Sebastian)
  129. Just Like Heaven – Julia Quinn (Marcus)
  130. A Night Like This – Julia Quinn (Daniel)
  131. Whisky Dreams – Ranae Rose novella (Brom and John)
  132. Vows – LaVyrle Spencer (Tom)
  133. The Wallflower – Who Cares (Noah)
  134. A Rose in Winter – Kathleen Woodiwiss (Christopher/Erienne)


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3 thoughts on “Author Commentary & Tallies Shameful

  1. Mallory January 4, 2017 at 4:21 am Reply

    Hi! Have you read any book by Sylvia Day?

  2. Mallory September 9, 2017 at 6:00 pm Reply

    What’s the difference between Shameful and Shamefree?

    • Prolixity Julien September 12, 2017 at 7:55 am Reply

      When I dove back into the genre five years ago, I was embarrassed about my reading choices. I’m over that now but at the time it was how I distinguished between romance and what I would have considered the things I should be reading.

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