Not My Wolf by Eden Cole

Not My Wolf was a fantastically silly free novella, a smoking hot fantastically silly free novella.

blancheThe skim coat of plot for this paranormal romance involves, let me see if I get this right, a group of wolf shape-shifters living in remote area of Colorado who have a territorial bone to pick with the other local group of wolf shape-shifters. It’s all very log cabin meets paranormal. Corey is the leader of the pack, the Alpha, and he has been dreaming of claiming his mate. (There’s a lot of mate claiming in fantastically silly free shape-shifter novellas.) When he meets Devin and gets the mate vibe from him, Corey is totally freaked out that his mate is a man. Devin is fine with it. Corey is fine with it soon enough, as well.

Devin and his sister are between packs as he is a such a huge hunk of man-wolf that their former Alpha considers him a threat. No longer welcome, they have come to Colorado to find a home. Corey is quite the monolith himself and not intimidated by Devin. This allows for a certain amount of manly wrasslin’ and vulpine posturing to go along with the love scenes.

Not My Wolf  is the first in a series of several “Wolf Pack” novellas by Eden Cole. A rivalry between local shape-shifter groups provides the veneer of justification for continuing the story, but it’s all just an excuse for the love scenes and the shape-shifting.

Did I mention that they glow electric blue in their wolf form? They glow electric blue in their wolf form. It would have been remiss of me not to mention it.

The (Shameful) Tally 2013

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