The Proposition by Judith Ivory

Christ, I don’t know. It’s another historical romance novel. The Proposition by Judith Ivory is Pygmalion with a male Pyg. He has a moustache, so that’s a refreshing change. I read a book recently, The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie, in which the hero smoked which a. is cool and we all know it and b. seemed a wonderfully historically accurate detail, kind of like the moustache, but more attractive. Now, if the Pyg also had a beard, the writer might have been on to something. I’ve never read a romance in which the hero had a beard, or in which the heroine had one for that matter. A beard would be awesome. I love beards.

I read The Proposition because Ivory is a very successful writer and this book was highly rated on Amazon, dubious distinction though that may be. Academic Winnie is Henry Higgins and Mick is her Eliza Doolittle. He’s a charmer, that Mick. A charmer in a purely old school romance novel way: sly, funny, and bumptious. Anywho, Winnie trains him to be classy, well-spoken, and clean-shaven, and Mick helps her get her freak on. The book was fine, but didn’t engender any interest in reading more Ivory as some of the elements were a bit dated, as in “1990s”, not as in “Victorian” which they are totally meant to be, and while entertaining, it didn’t pique my interest in the writer’s back catalogue.

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