Christina Lauren’s Catalogue

Themes: In Christina’s Lauren’s world, the person who lets you be your true self and calls you on your bullshit is your best match.

The Wild Seasons Series:
Sweet Filthy Boy – liked it
Dirty Rowdy Thing – really liked it
Dark Wild Night – good
Wicked Sexy Liarfantastic, my favourite of the group and their books
A Not-Joe Not-So-Short Short – for completists only

The Beautiful Series:
Beautiful Bastard – lots of ihateyou sex
Beautiful Bitch – more ihateyou sex
Beautiful Stranger – surprisingly romantic exhibitionists
Beautiful Bombshell – ihateyou bachelor and bachelorette parties
Beautiful Player – Reforming a Rake by a Girl with No Filter
Beautiful Beginning -ihate you we’re getting married
Beautiful Beloved – exhibitionists getting back on track after having a baby
Beautiful Secret – quiet guys need love, too
Beautiful Boss – Meh.
Beautiful – best read as a series finale

Dating You Hating You – I’ll read it soon
Roomies – not released yet
Autoboyography – two dudes


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One thought on “Christina Lauren’s Catalogue

  1. Alex April 14, 2016 at 9:16 pm Reply

    Hanna and Will are my favorite but I felt the same way about Beautiful Boss…didn’t even bother finishing it *ducks head in shame*

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