First Class Package by Jay Northcote

Admission: I really like Christmas novellas. Not all of them, not all the time, but once in a while they make a nice break. After all, one of my top five romances of all time is a Christmas novella.

Jay Northcote can’t possibly have known of my penchant and, admittedly, I did not know this was a Christmas novella when I bought it, but it served its own Christmas in July purposes well enough. It’s not really a recommend or a keeper, but I am trying to broaden my character lead horizons and this M/M romance was highly rated and free. As Amazon ratings are notoriously unreliable, that last part was the relevant point. Speaking of points, Nrothcote gets three for the double entendre of his title: First Class Package.

Why does he have a shirt on? What kind of “romance novel” is this?

From notoriously unreliable Amazon: A geeky science writer has a crush on his postman—but will he ever make a move? Working from home suits introvert Jim until he gets a special delivery—an extremely cute, temporary postman called Patrick. Jim’s drawn to his wide smile and sexy legs, while Patrick can’t keep his eyes off Jim’s package. Their doorstep attraction seems mutual, so asking Patrick out on a date should be easy. There’s just one problem—Jim could fit all the pick-up lines he knows on the back of a postage stamp. As Christmas approaches, Jim knows the end of Patrick’s postal-delivery contract is looming. Taking a chance might be worth it if it keeps Patrick coming to his door.

Not particularly memorable, I can tell you that all of the stuffed animals Jim orders to keep Patrick visiting are cute and that the none of the packages involved disappoint, but I don’t think I need to read anymore Jay Northcote. The story wasn’t bad, it was kind of sweet really, but nothing special and I am looking for a new author’s catalogue to dive into. Gay, straight, contemporary, historical, POC, new adults, rich, poor, I don’t care as long as it’s not paranormal and the love story is sincere and well told. Recommendations are welcome!

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