Marketing Beef by Rick Bettencourt

Clearly, Marketing Beef is the winner for Title of the Year. All other books need not apply.


From Amazon: Shy accountant, Evan McCormick, is conservative with his money and tough on his body, yet the decent nest egg he’s amassed, and the toned physique he’s formed isn’t enough to fulfill him. Evan’s starving for affection. As an introvert, bonding with others isn’t Evan’s best quality. When Dillon—an impeccable-dressed and debonair ad executive—joins the firm, Evan lets his guard down. An office scandal and sexually-overt billboards popping up all over New England bring the two together in this funny yet romantic tale.

Includes moments of pure hilarity, off-the-wall sex, and downright fun.

LIES, ALL LIES! Okay, not all, the plot summary is accurate; I meant the promises of hilarity, great sex, and fun.

Another romance with two men written by a man, so it’s off to a good start and, it bears repeating, the title is hilariously tongue-in-cheek, but unfortunately there is not a lot more going on here. I have a couple of notes:

  1. Do men actually refer to their private parts as “down there”? I know Evan does in the story, but I reject this reality and substitute my own.
  2. The book was kind of dull AND had too much plot.
  3. No man ever looked smoking hot in a teal suit. The best he did was rise above it.
  4. Evan has a birthmark that he is extremely self-conscious about and his acceptance of it is used to symbolize his growth in confidence. I understood what it was going for, but it felt shoehorned in.
  5. Meh.


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