The Alphabet Game by Andie M. Long

If it hadn’t been free, I would be so annoyed right now.

For the long plot summary of The Alphabet Game go to Amazon. Take your time, it’s a lot.

I will do my best to provide a short summary:

a. The love story is of the erotic romance ilk meaning that first comes sex then comes emotion. The protagonists decide to play a game (more on why below) in which they participate in some kind of congress based on proceeding through the alphabet, i.e. A is for Arousal, N is for Nookie, etc. When you read part b. of this section the answer to “Why did I finish this book?” is that I had to know what each of the letters stood for. I *may* have skipped ahead through the letters in my quest for all 26.

b. Stella and Gabe are also together because they are trying to take down her evil stepfather and his father who have business ties to sex clubs and pornography. Ostensibly, the alphabet game is to prepare Stella to infiltrate the clubs. When it looks like her father might not be quite the villain she supposed, Stella brings in a P.I. as well. From there, it descends into blackmail and psychopathology.

Seriously, that was the short version.

Here is a genuinely short version of my opinion: This book was really bad and the juxtaposition between the melodrama, the sexual adventures, and the nature of the villain was ridiculous.

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