Carla Kelly’s Catalogue

Themes: Carla Kelly believes that people are innately good and their kindness will surprise you even when life is painful.


The Sisters Trilogy:
Marrying the Captain very good
The Surgeon’s Ladyvery good, gore warning
Marrying the Royal Marinevery good, my favourite of the three

Standalone Books (as far as I know):
The Lady’s Companionjust lovely
With This Ring – some annoying plotting
Miss Whittier Makes a Listvery good
Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand – sweet, enjoyable
Reforming Lord Ragsdale – no
The Admiral’s Penniless Bride – great start, disappointing ending
The Wedding Journey – wartime adventure with a military surgeon, very good
Libby’s London Merchant – unusual hero, very good, nice twist
One Good Turn – follow up to Libby’s London Merchant – nothing special
Beau Crusoe – interesting and good

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