Abandoned Novel #2 – Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

Eleven years ago, Andie Miller and North Archer married in haste and repented at leisure. Divorced for ten years, Andie comes back into his life to return a decade’s worth of uncashed alimony cheques and let North know she is going to remarry. In a panicked stroke of genius, North offers Andie a job looking after two children of whom he is guardian. He is trying to bring them to live with him, but they have experienced a lot of trauma and need help with the transition. North will pay her enough for Andie to start her new marriage free and clear of debt.

Travelling to the out-of-the-way town where the children are living in their family home, Andie learns that the house is haunted by several ghosts. Ghosts. Ghosts that talk and interact with the residents. Not ghosts simulated by the mean housekeeper who would have gotten away with it, too, if not for those meddling kids. Ghosts. No.

But before abandoning this review much as I did Maybe This Time, this hilarious detail warrants mentioning: North’s brother remembers the first time he saw Andie and that she moved like a song was playing in her head. North said the song was “Layla”. Ten years later, the song remains the same, but North tells his brother it is now the “acoustic version”. Jennifer Crusie, you slay me.

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