The (Shameful) Tally 2013

February 2015: Links to my other reviews can be found on my complete reading list of books sorted by author or Author Commentary & The Tallies Shameful which includes all of the books I have read to date.


Recommended books are in bold, but here is a streamlined recommendations list:                         So You Want to Read a Historical Romance… and these are
Things That Occur to Me While Reading Historical Romance Novels


  1. 100 Dresses from The Costume Institute The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  2. Summer – Edith Wharton
  3. Victorian Fashions and Costumes from Harper’s Bazar 1867-1898 edited by Stella Blum
  4. Victorian and Edwardian Fashions from “La Mode Illustree” edited by JoAnne Ollan
  5. Victorian Fashions: A Pictorial Archive selected and arranged by Carol Belanger Grafton
  6. Fashion: The Definitive History of Costume and Style DK Smithsonian
  7. Savage Beauty: Alexander McQueen – edited by Andrew Bolton
  8. Dangerous Books For Girls: The Bad Reputation Of Romance Novels Explained – Maya Rodale (review coming in 2014)


  1. Love with the Proper Husband – Victoria Alexander (Marcus/Gwen)
  2. Lady Amelia’s Secret Lover – Victoria Alexander novella (Robert/Amelia)
  3. The Prince’s Bride – Victoria Alexander (Rand/Jocelyn)
  4. Bodyguard (Shifters Unbound) – Jennifer Ashley novella (Ronan/Elizabeth)
  5. The Untamed Mackenzie – Jennifer Ashley novella (Lloyd/Louisa)
  6. The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie – Jennifer Ashley (Daniel/Violet)
  7. A Handful of Gold – Mary Balogh (Julian/Verity)
  8. Once a Duchess – Elizabeth Boyce (Marshall/Isabelle)
  9. Along Came a Duke – Elizabeth Boyle (Preston/Tabitha)
  10. And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake – Elizabeth Boyle (Henry/Daphne)
  11. When She Said I Do – Celeste Bradley (Lawrence, called Ren/Calliope)
  12. The Other Guy’s Bride – Connie Brockway (Jim/Ginesse)
  13. Highland Surrender – Tracy Brogan (Myles/Fiona)
  14. To Love a Thief – Darcy Burke (Daniel/Jocelyn)
  15. Return of the Viscount – Gayle Callen (Michael/Cecilia)
  16. Not My Wolf – Eden Cole novella (Corey/Devin)
  17. The Warlord Wants Forever – Kresley Cole (Nikolai/Myst the Coveted) THUNDER SEX™!
  18. A Hunger Like No Other – Kresley Cole (Lachlain/Emma)
  19. No Rest for the Wicked – Kresley Cole (Sebastian/Kaderin the Coldhearted) THUNDER SEX™!
  20. Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night – Kresley Cole (Bowen/Mariketa the Awaited) THUNDER SEX™!
  21. Dark Deed’s at Night’s Edge – Kresley Cole (Conrad/Neomi) THUNDER SEX™!
  22. Dark Desires After Dusk – Kresley Cole (Cadeon/Holly) – THUNDER SEX™!
  23. Kiss of a Demon King – Kresley Cole (Rydstrom/Sabine) – 80%
  24. Deep Kiss of Winter – Kresley Cole (Murdoch/Daniela the Ice Maiden) THUNDER SEX™!
  25. Lothaire – Kresley Cole (Lothaire/Ellie)
  26. Macrieve – Kresley Cole (Uilliam/Chloe) – 50% VILE
  27. Shadow’s Claim – Kresley Cole (Trehan/Bettina)
  28. Welcome to Temptation – Jennifer Crusie (Phin/Sophie)
  29. Bet Me – Jennifer Crusie (Calvin/Minerva)
  30. Beauty and the Blacksmith – Tessa Dare (Aaron/Diana)
  31. Any Duchess Will Do – Tessa Dare (Griffin/Pauline)
  32. Undone – Lila DiPasqua (Simon/Angelica) *Worst of the Year*
  33. That Scandalous Summer – Meredith Duran (Michael/Elizabeth)
  34. Reforming a Rake – Suzanne Enoch (Lucien/Alexandra)
  35. Meet Me at Midnight – Suzanne Enoch (Sinclair “Sin”/Victoria “Vixen”)
  36. A Matter of Scandal – Suzanne Enoch (Grey/Emma)
  37. The Rake – Suzanne Enoch (Tristan/Georgiana)
  38. England’s Perfect Hero – Suzanne Enoch (Robert/Lucinda)
  39. Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke – Suzanne Enoch (Adam/Sophia)
  40. The Chocolate Thief – Laura Florand (Sylvain/Cade)
  41. The Chocolate Kiss – Laura Florand (Philippe/Magalie)
  42. The Chocolate Rose – Laura Florand (Gabriel/Jolie)
  43. The Chocolate Touch – Laura Florand (Dominique/Jaime)
  44. The Scottish Prisoner – Diana Gabaldon (Jamie, but no Claire)
  45. When You Give a Duke a Diamond – Shana Galen (Will/Juliette)
  46. The Lion’s Lady – Julie Garwood (Lyon/Christina)
  47. A Woman Entangled – Cecilia Grant (Nick/Kate)
  48. More Than Friends – Aria Grace (Ryan/Zach)
  49. A Duke of Her Own – Lorraine Heath (“Hawk”, Duke of Hawkhurst/Louisa)
  50. Lord of Wicked Intentions – Lorraine Heath (Rafe/Evelyn)
  51. Sweet Surrender – Cheryl Holt (Jackson/Grace)
  52. The Ice Princess – Elizabeth Hoyt novella (Isaac/Coral)
  53. Scandalous Desires – Elizabeth Hoyt (Michael/Silence)
  54. The Proposition – Judith Ivory (Mick/Winnie)
  55. Winning the Wallflower – Eloisa James novella (Cyrus/Lucy)
  56. With This Kiss – Eloisa James novella (Colin/Grace)
  57. Something About You – Julie James (Jack/Cameron)
  58. About That Night – Julie James (Kyle/Rylann)
  59. Love Irresistibly – Julie James (Cade/Brooke)
  60. Indigo – Beverly Jenkins (Galen/Hester)
  61. Always and Forever – Beverly Jenkins (Jackson/Grace)
  62. Night Hawk – Beverly Jenkins (Ian/Maggie)
  63. Attracting Anthony – Amber Kell (Silver/Anthony)
  64. Miss Whittier Makes a List – Carla Kelly (Daniel/Hannah)
  65. Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand – Carla Kelly (Fletcher/Roxanna)
  66. Reforming Lord Ragsdale – Carla Kelly (John/Emma)
  67. The Lady’s Companion – Carla Kelly (David/Emma)
  68. Flowers from the Storm – Laura Kinsale (Christian/Maddy)
  69. Lazy Sundays – K-Lee Klein novella (Devon/Scott) <– NOTE AUTHOR’S FIRST NAME
  70. Sugar Daddy – Lisa Kleypas (Gage/Liberty)
  71. Blue-Eyed Devil – Lisa Kleypas (Hardy/Haven)
  72. Smooth Talking Stranger – Lisa Kleypas (Jack/Ella)
  73. Wedded in Scandal – Jade Lee (Robert/Helaine)
  74. The Truth About Love – Caroline Linden short story (Damien/Miranda)
  75. Love and Other Scandals – Caroline Linden (Tristan/Joan)
  76. The Revenge of Lord Eberlin – Julia London (Tobin/Lily)
  77. The Runaway Duke – Julie Anne Long (Connor/Rebecca)
  78. It Happened One Midnight – Julie Anne Long (Jonathon/”Tommy” Thomasina)
  79. Married by Midnight – Julianne MacLean novella (Garrett/Anne)
  80. One Good Earl Deserves a Lover – Sarah MacLean (Cross/Pippa)
  81. No Good Duke Goes Unpunished – Sarah MacLean (Temple/Mara)
  82. An Introduction to Pleasure: Mistress Matchmaker – Jess Michaels (Andrew/Lysandra!)
  83. This Wicked Gift – Courtney Milan (William/Lavinia)
  84. The Heiress Effect – Courtney Milan (Oliver/Jane, bonus Anjan/Emily)
  85. The Countess Conspiracy – Courtney Milan (Sebastian/Violet)
  86. If I Fall – Kate Noble (Jackson/Sarah)
  87. Passion and Pride – Amelia Nolan (Evan/Marian)
  88. A Man Above Reproach – Evelyn Pryce (Elias/Josephine)
  89. How to Marry a Marquis – Julia Quinn (James/Elizabeth)
  90. On the Way to the Wedding – Julia Quinn (Gregory/Lucy)
  91. The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After – Julia Quinn (Everyone, even Violet)
  92. Seducing Miss Dunaway – Kate Rothwell novella (Fell, Lord Fellington/Mary)
  93. The Lady’s Tutor – Robin Schone (Ramiel, The Bastard Sheikh/Elizabeth)
  94. The Luckiest Lady in London – Sherry Thomas (Felix/Louisa)
  95. Penelope – Anya Wylde (Charles/Penelope) *Most Inept of the Year*

MALIN has excellent reviews on her site, and a broader range of books.

Name tally as of December 13, 2013: Simon (7); Michael (7); Sebastian (6); Robert/William (5) Alec/Alex, Colin, Gabriel, Harry, James (4); Benedict, Charles, Edward, Gareth, Henry, Jackson, Julian, Lucien, Marcus, Tristan (3); and only one David.

The Autobuy List
Tessa Dare
Lisa Kleypas (historicals only)
Julie Anne Long
Sarah MacLean
Courtney Milan

The Auto-Library/Cheap on Kindle List
Jennifer Ashley –  I love/hate her. I don’t recommend her.
Mary Balogh – predictable, but safe, well-written
Loretta Chase –  reliable
Suzanne Enoch – B list
Lorraine Heath – B- list, so if there’s absolutely nothing else, maybe
Carla Kelly – sweet Regency romances, large 1990s back catalogue, newer work has Mormon themes
Caroline Linden – off to a good start, great potential, almostalmost an autobuy
Julia Quinn – An excellent place to launch your reading. Start with The Bridgertons

My Favourite Characters

Reject Pile (see also the “Attempted” list from 2012)

Gayle Callen – Too serious for my taste, nicely enough written, reasonably romantic.
Kresley Cole – Failed paranormal romance experiment
Lila DiPasqua – Undone (Fiery Tales) – Some words should NEVER be seen in a romance novel! Ew.
Gaelen Foley – She used the word “orifice” in a love scene.
Shana Galen – Perfectly pleasant, occasionally quite good, but nothing special
Karen Hawkins – Too slow getting going.
Cheryl Holt – Fantastic banter but wildly, distractingly uneven tone, also sexist.
Lorelei James – God, no! Contemporary. Cowboys.
Sophie Jordan – consummation on the floor of a rat infested cellar they were not locked in
Kieran Kramer – Bland. If You Give a Girl a Viscount.
Stephanie Laurens – Read in 2012. 30 page love scenes. Don’t do it.
Jade Lee – Wedded in Scandal Muddled story, uneven tone, vacillating and inconsistent leads.
Julianne MacLean – Nothing special.
Dorothy McFalls – The Nude – Abused widow gets obsessive new husband. How wonderfully unhealthy!
Suzanna Medeiros – Pedestrian, and I hate it when they’re both insanely beautiful.
Kate Noble – Very good, just not my style: Regency spies, mostly chaste.
Amelia Nolan – Although I absolutely APPLAUD the feminist sexuality of the heroine.
Anya Wylde – Oh, honey, no.

The Shameful Tally 2012

  1. In the Arms of a Marquess – Katharine Ashe (Ben)
  2. The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie – Jennifer Ashley (Ian, not surprisingly/Beth)
  3. Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage – Jennifer Ashley (Mac/Isabella)
  4. Many Sins of Lord Cameron – Jennifer Ashley (Cameron/Ainsley)
  5. The Duke’s Perfect Wife – Jennifer Ashley (Hart/Eleanor)
  6. Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect Gift – Jennifer Ashley (Ian, Mac, Cam, Hart)
  7. The Seduction of Elliott McBride – Jennifer Ashley (Elliott/Juliana) – CBRV Review
  8. Slightly Scandalous – Mary Balogh (Joshua/Freya)
  9. Slightly Dangerous – Mary Balogh (Wulfric, no, seriously, WULFRIC/Christine) CLASSIC
  10. Simply Perfect – Mary Balogh (Joseph/Claudia)
  11. Simply Love – Mary Balogh (Sydnam/Anne)
  12. The Soldier – Grace Burrowes (Devlin)
  13. Lady Sophia’s Christmas Wish – Grace Burrowes (Vim/Wilhelm)
  14. Miss Wonderful – Loretta Chase (Alistair/Mirabel)
  15. Mr. Impossible – Loretta Chase (Rupert/Daphne)
  16. Lord Perfect – Loretta Chase (Benedict/Bathsheba)
  17. Not Quite a Lady – Loretta Chase (Darius/Charlotte)
  18. Last Night’s Scandal – Loretta Chase (Lord Lisle/Olivia)
  19. Captives of the Night – Loretta Chase (Ismal/Leila)
  20. Lord of Scoundrels – Loretta Chase (Sebastian, Marquess of Dain/Jessica) CLASSIC
  21. The Last Hellion – Loretta Chase (Vere/Lydia)
  22. Silk Is for Seduction – Loretta Chase (Gervase, Lord Clevedon/)
  23. Scandal Wears Satin – Loretta Chase (Harry, Lord Longmore/Sophy)
  24. One Dance with a Duke – Tessa Dare (Spencer/Amelia)
  25. Twice Tempted by a Rogue – Tessa Dare (Rhys/Merry)
  26. Three Nights with a Scoundrel – Tessa Dare (Julian/Lily)
  27. The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright – Tessa Dare novella (Harry/Eliza)
  28. A Night to Surrender – Tessa Dare (Bram/Susanna)
  29. Once Upon a Winter’s Eve – Tessa Dare novella (Christian/Violet)
  30. A Week to Be Wicked – Tessa Dare (Colin/Minerva)
  31. A Lady by Midnight – Tessa Dare (Thorne/Kate)
  32. The Duke’s Tattoo – Miranda Davis (Ainsworth)
  33. The Duchess – Jude Deveraux (Trevelyan)
  34. Almost Perfect – Denise Domning (Lucien)
  35. A Lady’s Lesson in Scandal – Meredith Duran (Simon/Nell)
  36. Wicked Becomes You – Meredith Duran (Alex/Gwen)
  37. Always a Scoundrel – Suzanne Enoch (Bram/Rosamund)
  38. A Beginner’s Guide to Rakes – Suzanne Enoch (Oliver/Diane)
  39. Taming an Impossible Rogue – Suzanne Enoch (Keating/Camille)
  40. Rules of an Engagement – Suzanne Enoch (Shaw/Zephyr, I’m not making that up)
  41. A Lady’s Guide to Improper Behaviour – Suzanne Enoch (Tolly, Bartholomew/Tess)
  42. To Challenge the Earl of Cravenswood – Bronwen Evans novella (Henry) (God awful)
  43. Outlander – Diana Gabaldon (Jamie/Claire) CLASSIC
  44. Dragonfly in Amber – Diana Gabaldon (Jamie/Claire)
  45. Voyager – Diana Gabaldon (Jamie/Claire)
  46. Drums of Autumn – Diana Gabaldon (Jamie/Claire)
  47. The Fiery Cross – Diana Gabaldon (Jamie/Claire)
  48. A Breath of Snow and Ashes – Diana Gabaldon (Jamie/Claire)
  49. An Echo in the Bone – Diana Gabaldon (Jamie/Claire)
  50. Saving Grace – Julie Garwood (Gabriel/Joanna, I think)
  51. The Gift – Julie Garwood (Nathan/Sara)
  52. Ransom – Julie Garwood (Brodick/Gillian)
  53. Honour’s Splendour – Julie Garwood (Duncan/Madelyne)
  54. Prince Charming – Julie Garwood (Lucas)
  55. The Bride – Julie Garwood (Alec/Jamie)
  56. A Gentleman Undone – Cecilia Grant (Will/Lydia)
  57. Scandal of the Year – Linda Lee Guhrke (Aidan/Julia)
  58. The Wild One – Danelle Harmon (Gareth)
  59. The Wicked One – Danelle Harmon (Lucien, I know)
  60. She Tempts the Duke – Lorraine Heath (Sebastian/Mary)
  61. Lord of Temptation – Lorraine Heath (Tristan/Anne)
  62. The Raven Prince – Elizabeth Hoyt (Edward)
  63. How to Woo a Reluctant Lady – Sabrina Jeffries (Giles)
  64. One Starlit Night – Carolyn Jewel novella (Crispin)
  65. Surrender – Lisa Kleypas novella (Jason)
  66. Stranger in My Arms – Lisa Kleypas (Hunter)
  67. Suddenly You – Lisa Kleypas (Jack/Amanda)
  68. Then Came You – Lisa Kleypas (Alex/Lily)
  69. Dreaming of You – Lisa Kleypas (Derek/Sarah) CLASSIC
  70. Where’s My Hero – Lisa Kleypas Novella (Jake/Lydia, but actually read for Derek)
  71. Somewhere I’ll Find You – Lisa Kleypas (Damon, Lord Savage [!]/Julia)
  72. Because You’re Mine – Lisa Kleypas (Logan/Madeline)
  73. Where Dreams Begin – Lisa Kleypas (Zachary/Holland Taylor [!]) FAVE
  74. Someone to Watch Over Me – Lisa Kleypas (Grant/Victoria)
  75. Lady Sophia’s Lover – Lisa Kleypas (Ross/Sophia)
  76. Worth Any Price – Lisa Kleypas (Nick/Charlotte)
  77. Again the Magic – Lisa Kleypas (McKenna/Aline plus the spectacular Gideon/Livia)
  78. Secrets of a Summer Night – Lisa Kleypas Wallflowers Book 1 (Simon/Annabelle) FAVE
  79. It Happened One Autumn – Lisa Kleypas Wallflowers Book 2 (Marcus/Lillian)
  80. The Devil in Winter Lisa Kleypas Wallflowers Book 3 (Sebastian/Evie) CLASSIC
  81. Scandal in the Spring – Lisa Kleypas Wallflowers Book 4 (Matthew/Daisy)
  82. A Wallflower Christmas – Lisa Kleypas (Rafe/Hannah, but really Sebastian & Simon)
  83. Mine till Midnight – Lisa Kleypas Hathaways Book 1 (Cam/Amelia)
  84. Seduce Me at Sunrise – Lisa Kleypas Hathaways Book 2 (Kev/Win)
  85. Tempt Me at Twilight – Lisa Kleypas Hathaways Book 3 (Harry/Poppy) – FAVE
  86. Married by Morning – Lisa Kleypas Hathaways Book 4 (Leo/Catherine)
  87. Love in the Afternoon – Lisa Kleypas Hathaways Book 5 (Christopher/Beatrix)
  88. Temptation and Surrender – Stephanie Laurens (Jonas)
  89. An Ideal Bride – Stephanie Laurens (Michael)
  90. One Night in London – Caroline Linden (Edward/Francesca)
  91. Blame It on Bath – Caroline Linden (Gerard/Kate)
  92. The Way to a Duke’s Heart – Caroline Linden (Charlie/Tessa)
  93. The Heir – Johanna Lindsey (Duncan)
  94. To Love a Thief – Julie Anne Long (Gideon/Lily)
  95. The Perils of Pleasure – Julie Anne Long (Colin/Madeline)
  96. Like No Other Lover – Julie Anne Long (Miles/Cynthia)
  97. Since the Surrender – Julie Anne Long (Chase/Rosalind)
  98. I Kissed an Earl – Julie Anne Long (Asher/Violet)
  99. What I Did for a Duke – Julie Anne Long (Alex/Genevieve) CLASSIC
  100. How the Marquess Was Won – Julie Anne Long (Julian/Phoebe)
  101. A Notorious Countess Confesses – Julie Anne Long (Adam/Evie, I know)
  102. Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake – Sarah MacLean (Gabriel/Calpurnia)
  103. Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke’s Heart – Sarah MacLean (Simon/Isabella)
  104. A Rogue by Any Other Name – Sarah MacLean (Michael, Bourne/Penelope)
  105. Proof by Seduction – Courtney Milan (Gareth/Jenny)
  106. Trial By Desire – Courtney Milan (Ned)
  107. The Lady Always Wins – Courtney Milan novella (Simon/Virginia)
  108. Unveiled – Courtney Milan (Ash/Margaret)
  109. Unclaimed – Courtney Milan (Mark/Jessica)
  110. Unraveled – Courtney Milan (Smite/Miranda) CLASSIC
  111. Unlocked – Courtney Milan Novella (Evan/Elaine)
  112. The Governess Affair – Courtney Milan Novella (Hugo/Serena)
  113. What Happened at Midnight – Courtney Milan novella (John/Mary)
  114. The Duchess War – Courtney Milan (Robert/Minerva)
  115. A Kiss for Midwinter – Courtney Milan novella (Jonas/Lydia) CLASSIC
  116. Almost Heaven – Judith McNaught (Ian/Elizabeth) OLD SCHOOL
  117. Once and Always – Judith McNaught (Jason/Victoria)
  118. The Rake – Mary Jo Putney (Reggie)
  119. Everything and the Moon – Julia Quinn (Robert/Victoria)
  120. Brighter Than the Sun – Julia Quinn (Charles/Ellie)
  121. The Duke and I – Julia Quinn Bridgerton Book 1 (Simon/Daphne)
  122. The Viscount Who Loved – Julia Quinn Bridgerton Book 2 (Anthony/Kate)
  123. An Offer from a Gentleman – Julia Quinn Bridgerton Book 3 (Benedict/Sophy)
  124. Romancing Mr. Bridgerton – Julia Quinn Bridgerton Book 4 (Colin/Penelope)
  125. To Sir Phillip, With Love – Julia Quinn Bridgerton Book 5 (Phillip/Eloise)
  126. When He Was Wicked – Julia Quinn Bridgerton Book 6 (Michael/Francesca)
  127. It’s In His Kiss – Julia Quinn Bridgerton Book 7 (Gareth/Hyacinth)
  128. What Happens In London – Julia Quinn (Harry/Olivia)
  129. Ten Things I Love About You – Julia Quinn (Sebastian/Annabel)
  130. Just Like Heaven – Julia Quinn (Marcus/Honoria)
  131. A Night Like This – Julia Quinn (Daniel/Anne)
  132. Whisky Dreams – Ranae Rose novella (Brom/John)
  133. Vows – LaVyrle Spencer (Tom/Emily)
  134. The Wallflower – Who Cares (Noah)
  135. A Rose in Winter – Kathleen Woodiwiss (Christopher/Erienne)

134 books/40+ authors

Popular Hero Names: 6 Simon, 4 Alex/Alec, 4 Harry, 4 Sebastian

In the Pipe

Knaves Wager – Loretta Chase (Julian) – It’s stuck in the pipe, really.


Lord of Vengeance – Lara Adrian (Gunnar – Medieval. Nope.)
More Than a Mistress – Mary Balogh (the hero shares my real life first name, couldn’t do it)
Swept Away – Marsha Canham (Emory)
Other Repetitive Titles – Grace Burrowes
Something Awful – Liz Carlyle (Stefan)
A Gentleman Never Tells – Amelia Gray (The first Benjamin – how is that possible?)
Notorious Pleasures – Elizabeth Hoyt (Griffin)
Wicked Intentions – Elizabeth Hoyt (Lord Caire)
Seriously Awful – Eloisa James (I can’t even remember the name)
2 Hellion of Halstead Books – Sabrina Jeffries (Gabriel and Jarret)
Sex and the Single Earl – Vanessa Kelly (Simon – I couldn’t resist the cheesy title. I should have.)
All’s Fair in Love and Seduction – Beverly Kendall (Derek)
Midnight Angel – Lisa Kleypas (Lucas)
His at Night – Sherry Thomas (Vere)
Ravishing the Duchess – Sherry Thomas (Fitzhugh) – I just can’t with Sherry Thomas

6 thoughts on “The (Shameful) Tally 2013

  1. Malin January 6, 2013 at 6:21 pm Reply

    Have you now read everything Courtney Milan has written so far? Because after making a concerted effort in December to track down all her various novellas, I’m pretty sure I have. And now there is just the painful wait for Oliver’s book. I could, of course, just start re-reading the others again, but with a Cannonball Read to win, I won’t allow myself too many re-reads until I’ve blogged the 52nd book. Why yes, I’m very competitive. 🙂

    I also need to re-read the “American” books about Jamie and Claire. Sigh, it’s when they start getting really long indeed, and too much of the plot focuses on Roger and Bree. I love Roger, I really do, I sometimes fancy him more than Jamie, but Bree gets on my nerves rather a lot.

  2. Prolixity Julien January 6, 2013 at 9:53 pm Reply

    I’ve read everything of Milan’s now, and I only actively disliked Trial by Desire. It’s one of two I don’t own, the other being Proof by Seduction. I’m usre I’ll get around to buying it eventually. This Wicked Gift was wonderful.

    I don’t mind Bree, but I know a lot of people do. On the re-reads, I focus on Jamie and Claire, but they are what I’m in it for.

  3. Loulou March 29, 2013 at 9:03 pm Reply

    Hi (waves) I came over from pajiba, not a commenter, I already spent enough time there just reading. Huge romance reader and a fan of Kleypas, but my all time guilty pleasure is Ann Stuart. Her heroes are the biggest dirtbags and man I just love them. Now I want to reread her books again. But first I will check out you lovely blog, so excited.

    • Prolixity Julien March 29, 2013 at 9:08 pm Reply

      Which of her books do you recommend? I’m open to suggestions.

  4. Loulou March 30, 2013 at 10:53 am Reply

    Warning: this will be long and rambling, you don’t have to post it as a comment

    Ok, book recommendations, Ann Stuart’s heros are all: tall, dark, and dangerous to know, no exception. They may be charming but are always selfserving and ruthless. I would start with her medivals: To love a dark lord (the crowd pleaser), Lady Fortune and then one of her best known historicals: A rose at midnight (this one is insane: The first time we meet the heroine she is busy trying to poisen the hero. Then kidnapping, lots of miserable traveling on the continent and fighting and sexing. I loved it) She has a current series set in georgian times (Rohan Series) I have not read these but will get them soon. Most of her books are available on Kindle (and that covers a lot of her backlist). I hope this gives you some ideas, let me know if you want to know more. Oh and I would love to hear your opinion if you read any of her books.


  5. Malin April 15, 2013 at 6:40 pm Reply

    You link to me in your Shameful Tally! That’s so awesome, thank you!

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