This Morning’s Thought Process

Och, Jamie. God, I miss Pajiba. Why can’t I get on Pajiba? I need to — I just miss — I can only write so many – Dragonfly in Amber. I knew it would be blocked eventually, just a matter of time. Jamie. Maybe the IT guy can make a – Claire – special arrangement for me. Jamie. How long til lunch? Reading. Pajiba. Shall I eat my yogurt now? Jamie. If they cancelled the meeting in that one room can I hide there to read? Hungry. Pajiba. I miss – Jamie – Pajiba. Does Pajiba miss me? Why would it? That’s silly. Dragonfly in Amber. Are there leftovers from her meeting? Why bother? Plus she has pizza for lunch. It’s all – I hope Claire is okay – processed junk, but they might – Pajiba – have orange juice I can bring home to The Boy. Jamie.

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