Sleepwalk with Me and Other Painfully True Stories by Mike Birbiglia

Who can resist a writer who describes falling in love as someone recognizing your “special secret skill”? Isn’t that lovely? It’s one of the most charming descriptions of love I’ve ever heard.

I purchased this book for my husband for Christmas after we watched one of Birbiglia’s specials. My sweetie hasn’t read it, but I found it extremely enjoyable and I felt it benefitted greatly from being able to hear Birbiglia’s wry and carefully monotone delivery in my head. He’s not exactly a comedian, but rather a raconteur of wonderfully-funny stories. There are not rimshots, just the ridiculous adventure he is relating and making observations on.

The book weaves stories from his life together and builds to a final section which I strongly suspect was drawn almost in its entirety from his lauded one man show Sleepwalk With Me. That is in no way a criticism.

The writing is of a quality typical for this kind of book. Above average, clever, but not earth shaking; in fact, that is my opinion of the book. It bobbed along nicely but wasn’t really entertaining enough for a huge recommendation. Buy it for times when you need something to read in 10 minute intervals.

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