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Wrong Bed, Right Guy by Katee Robert

Technically, it’s “right bed, wrong guy”, but that doesn’t work as well for a romance title, does it?

Elle has a desperate crush on her art gallery owner boss. In a move worthy of a fourteen year old at a slumber party, she decides it is a good idea to get undressed up and climb in bed with him. She does, he’s responsive, and everything instantly goes predictably awry when Elle figures out that Gabe was not her intended target. Mortified, she hies herself hence and hopes that her boss won’t find out. Given that her boss is her inadvertent bedmate’s brother this is unlikely.

Gabe had a lovely dream followed by an unpleasant awakening when the delicious woman in his bed turned out to be looking for someone else. Smitten and overwhelmed by their chemistry in the dark, Gabe decides to pursue Elle despite her reluctance. He wins her attention and her heart and they live happily ever after.

Two points for discussion:

Is it reasonable to think that just hopping into bed with someone in the dark and having a quick anonymous grope/snog could truly reveal potent sexual chemistry? This strikes me as unlikely, but I am not willing to put it to a scientific test.

Gabe has tattoos. Lots of them. Contemporary romance heroes often do. I do not enjoy tattoos as a rule. I understand that they are popular with the kids today and, on occasion, find them interesting but when they get as far as sleeves or almost full coverage it interferes with my reading. I am aware that this makes me a duddy being all fuddy, but this is a genre based on wish-fulfillment and fantasy men, so I would prefer that they conform to my personal preferences, although, if the book is interesting enough I don’t care; so, I guess what I am really saying is that Wrong Bed, Right Guy  wasn’t of sufficiently good quality to overwhelm my reservations about the biker-guy looking businessman hero, nor did it inspire me to read any of the other books in the series.

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